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The show that'll keep you wanting more.

When Jon Bokenkamp released the first episode of this show, I was hooked. When it was just the trailers, my dad, wasn't into it because he didn't like James Spader that much. However, when he saw the pilot with me, he too was hooked.

What can I say about this show that critics haven't? From its fantastic actors to awesome film locations, writing, you name it. Its great. It has a flare and it gives you a perspective of the illegal, especially with the world that Red lives in and how Elizabeth Keen, an FBI agent who's been taught to live by the law tends to dip her hands and falls into the illegal side, and somewhat enjoys it.

With every episode being chock full of so much material, it never gets boring. Just when you think that they couldn't possibly get any better, they make an episode called the "Deer Hunter" and the suspense rises ten fold. What I love about this show the most, the writers and actors treat each episode like its their very last performance, and that shows dedication and just how much they want this show to be remembered for generations to come. Just look at this clip, and how Mr. Spader's acting range is proven worthy for a lot of roles.

Even the role of Ultron himself.

If you haven't, please give this show a chance, its still going oh so very strong. If you don't like this show, please, feel free to leave your constructive criticism.

Nonetheless, please check out The Blacklist on NBC at 9:00.


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