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Scream Queens is hotly anticipated - what can we expect from the new horror show from Ryan Murphy, the genius who brought us American Horror Story? - but we know nothing about its settings...

Check out some awesome horror scenes Scream Queens could take inspiration from!

1. Happy Campers

Not THAT Sleepaway camp, anyway. With this I mean a small camp somewhere desolate in the middle of the American forest, as seen in timeless classics such as “Friday the 13th or aforementioned “Sleepaway camp”. We all know that a part of any movie/parody of this kind is a twisted and crazy serial-killer hellbent on killing off the campers and/or destroying said camp. Keeping in mind that the first season has reserved the serial killer for itself, it would be nice to have a different kind of story. Here are 2 possibilities:

A) A story in the vein of the Evil Dead-a bunch of campers discovers a book, akin to the Necronomicon and unleash the horrors from inside of that book. A possibility of a cameo from Campbell himself and even a reference/remake of the famous “Groovy” scene, with another character taking over from Campbell.

B) A story with the “Alien invasion” trope. This could go 2 ways, with the first being a “Critters” story with a lot of “fuzzball” aliens invading and killing off the campers, with 1 survivor at the end of the season. *insert MiB cameo here*. The second is a story in the vein of amongst others: “Faculty” or “Invasion of the Body Snatchers. “ Paranoia, trust-no-one, and similar things in the middle of the woods, what takes the situation to a new level.

2. Seaside village

Little more grit and little less purple
Little more grit and little less purple

Come on, this one is easy. Since the times of Lovecraftian classics such as “Shadow over Innsmouth”, they were a classic trope of horror stories and not only them. I would even be disappointed if they would not utilize it in AHS or “Scream Queens”. Close your eyes and imagine the possibilities. Besides the obvious(Sea Monsters, as seen in “Jaws” and similar movies),there are just a gigantic amount of possibilities this could be exploited ranging from mutations (hello, “Humanoids from the deep”) through parallel universes (OUaT, still awesome even if not a horror movie.) and ending in ancient Gods. It could easily be the best season of both “Scream Queens” and “AHS” combined. As for the plot of the season: An old and jaded detective is located to this town in order to investigate a grisly murder. While investigating, he finds that something more sinister is going on. Think Twin Peaks, but with the tone and general feeling of that other “creepy villages in-the-middle-of-nowhere” series, True Detective. Speaking of creepy villages…

3.Lost village

This is one village I would love to live in.
This is one village I would love to live in.

Look, you knew this one would come eventually. It’s such a classic movie trope no good series could do without it. Because we don’t know the general setting of the first season, it could as well be set in this village, or, in a city suburb (more about that later on).If it is after all, the second case, I would love to see this little gem somewhere later in the series. The possibilities, as with the previous location, are endless. However, in order for this to be really interesting it needs to be extremely original to make this shine-despite us watching anyway for the setting. A semi-good attempt at making an original story with this trope was Teen Wolf. But, utilizing werewolves would not be a good idea for SQ or AHS as a season trope; because of their wide usage in, well pretty much everything, including tween dramas. Two other movies that would look good in series form and on a small screen. (Who, however, did utilize the “Haunted House” trope, seen in the first season of AHS: Murder House.) are “Coraline” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles” While the first one ,with its “perfect” alternate life/universe would as good as it can be in both the seaside and the desolate village and even in life action (imagine Taissa Farmiga as Coraline), the second one would only work in the woods. But, the tone of the whole thing would have to change in order to work in a real horror series. Just think: A boy moves with his dysfunctional family into a new house, which was previously occupied by a distant relative. During his stay in the town, he discovers an abandoned shack in the middle of the woods, with a bunch of weird creatures in jars and a large collection of books and tales telling about monsters and creeps. His tales strain his already strained relationship with his mom even more. Meanwhile he investigates the book and, by accident discovers the Elven and Goblins living in the parallel universe next to us. Add a spoiled older brother (because screw stereotypes) who falls in love with the beautiful girl at school, only for her to transform into a Goblin mid-make out and a twin sister who believes everything the main character says and follows him everywhere, and you have a healthy dose of family drama. As for the monsters-think Fawn’s Labyrinth in tone and general appearance.

4. Big City

This one could seem to be a little far fetched without a serial killer of any kind, but stay with me. A young and geeky teacher of maths who has a great knowledge of mechanics and traps, is disfigured during a prank gone wrong, that was made by a bunch of college students. Years later, a similar accident happens. This time, students start dying. And then a quiet suburb becomes a battlefield between 2 trap geniuses, who each utilize various self-made gadgets and traps to save (or to kill) various innocents who were accidentally caught in the cross-fire. This could easily be transformed into the best anti-hero series to grace the television since McFarlane’s “Spawn”. It could be a great (and first) example of a Superhero show outside of the box, (Yeah, I know about Daredevil and the rest of the Defenders appearing on Netflix) with a deformed (mask-wearing) main anti-hero and a villain who uses the same tricks and has the same appearance. If this premise succeeds, then we could have the companies rethinking their view of violent Superhero shows and we finally could have the Punisher or Blade grace the small screen.

Or, if you want something more colorless and bleaker, try a possession story. Think of a story being set against a backdrop of a high school in Canada or in a big city in Texas and have the whole story being told from the point of the victim, with other words-the possessed girl or boy. Imagine Jennifer’s Body, but with a whole new twist. We watch every despicable crime, every murder, and every crucifix masturbation through the eyes of the poor girl/boy who is trapped in her own body and can’t get out. To make it even worse, there could be dialogue between the devil and the victim with the devil taunting him/her for the misdeed her/his body is currently doing. To top it off-an Exorcist-esque finale, with the whole process being shown through the eyes of the person. How awesome would this be!


Which setting would you love to see on SQ ?


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