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Now I felt like I had an obligation to do this article after my article on The Flash. So here you go.

Slade will return (again)

I think think that Amanda Waller will recruit him to the Suicide Squad to protect Starling City from the League of Assassin's wrath at the end of the season, much like Deadshot's role last season.

Arsenal will lose an arm

Him losing an arm is one of the most difficult obstacles Roy Harper has ever had to face in his career. On the show, if handled correctly, this could be one of the best moments of the show.

Thea will become Speedy

Although Roy Harper is the original Speedy, in the comics a woman by the name of Mia Dearden has also taken up the mantle. There have been hints, such as Oliver calling her Speedy and someone mistakenly calling her Mia.

Well, there you go!


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