ByOmar Valenzuela, writer at

After recently watching the movie i want to state how this was not good as a sex movie. The sex scenes i believe where a let down they started off good but ended up being rushed and not welL executed. The best one was the first scene it showed more than the rest and it was also the closest to the book. The rest of the scenes where kind of improvised and looked like they tried to hard to make them fit together.

So how can it be a bad sex movie but good action movie? Well the sex scenes were obviously bad. The good thing about the movie was that all the time the actors where together with clothes on it was actually enjoyable. I believe that the scenes where they went out and talked where the closest to the book. They showed a better connection when they werent having sex.

I have a theory that the way the director is planning on taking the next movie is to focus on the story not the sex. The book has a great story without the sex and if it goes further on to films i think thats the best way to go because it brings in more audience. I dont mean just take all the sex out just make it more tasteful because the way they do it is show 5 seconds of sex and then just end and go to the next scene.


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