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It’s Selection Sunday! Well, at least for my Marvel March Madness tournament it is. And that means, yep, you guessed it, the bracket is made!

Now before you go and get all excited, I will not be revealing the entire bracket (queue the boos). But I have a reason for that. I don’t want it to skew the voting. For example, is people see that Spider-Man winning and Iron Man winning would set up a fight between the two of them, they might vote for them just to set that up. I want the votes to be purely based on who you think would win a one-on-one fight.

Now of course, everyone has a favorite character, so I’m sure there will be some biased votes (My votes have Venom winning it all). But I think in the long run, the votes will show us who we think would actually win the fight.

Now don’t get totally bummed out, I do have a few pieces of the bracket that I am going to reveal. So without further adieu, here is just a taste of what we can look forward to:

The Final 5 Voted In

Last week, I posted 10 characters and left it up to you to vote in the final five. The winners of that final vote are:

Rocket Raccoon





Neither the order in which they are listed above, nor the amount of votes they received reflect the seedings that they received for the tournament. What does reflect those seedings, is this list of seedings that they received:

Namor - #5

Drax - #7

Iceman - #10

Taskmaster - #10

Rocket Raccoon - #16

Sorry Rocket fans, but I did warn you. With this impressive list of powerful characters, there’s just not a whole lot of room for a machine gun wielding raccoon to move up. As for the rest of the seeds, let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Top Seeds

Here are the four number one seeds in the tournament


The Hulk

Professor X

Dr. Strange

Those are the characters that I deemed the most powerful. However, as anyone who has ever followed a March Madness tournament knows, the top seeds don’t always win. As a matter of fact, in the actual College Basketball March Madness tournament, all four number one seeds have only made the final 4 one time.

It’s all about the matchups, and there are plenty of tough matchups for these guys on their roads to the final 4. Which brings me to my final reveal.

The Top 4 seeds In Each Bracket

I’m not going to name each bracket after a region, because... well, these fights aren’t really taking place (you guys know that... right?). So for the sake of organization, let’s just call them brackets one through four.

Bracket One:

#1 - Thor

#2 - Spider-Man

#3 - Iron Man

#4 - Ultron

Still think Thor is just going to walk to the finals? Guys like Spidey and Iron Man are going to be tough outs, but the real wildcard here is Ultron. Whenever you put a villain in a one-on-one fight, when he typically takes on a super team, he’s going to at least put up a fight.

Bracket Two:

#1 - The Hulk

#2 - Dr. Doom

#3 - Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

#4 - The Vision

The Hulk has no easy task in front of him. Dr. Doom may just be the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe, plus you’re really challenging the people when you go up against the Carol Corps! Hulk Smash?

Bracket Three:

#1 - Professor X

#2 - Wolverine

#3 - Black Bolt

#4 - Loki

You may have been doubting the choice of Charles Xavier getting a one-seed to begin with, but in my mind, the world’s most powerful telepath deserves a top spot (see what I did there?). Unfortunately, for the leader of the X-Men, this might be the toughest bracket. Wolverine, Black Bolt and Loki are some serious heavy hitters that can really make some noise (Especially Black Bolt, man I am on a roll).

Bracket Four:

#1 - Dr. Strange

#2 - Captain America

#3 - Ronan The Accuser

#4 - Magneto

The lowest of the four top seeds, Strange has a very tough route to the final four. Cap may seem a bit outmatched but, come on, it’s Cap, he always wins. Ronan showed everyone just some of his power in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Magneto is one of the strongest villains Marvel has to offer. The Sorcerer Supreme has his work cut out for him.

So there you go. I will be making four new posts tomorrow, each of them allowing you to vote for all of the first round matchups in a bracket. The voting will be open until next Sunday at midnight, and then we will repeat the process for the next round.

If you have any questions on how this works, or how I came to the decisions that I did, please let me know in the comments.

Finally, I will leave you with this poll:


Which of the four top seeds has the best chance of reaching the final 4?


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