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Alright folks, this is the sequel to my first slasher movie quiz. And the questions are even harder than before! Do you think you have the slasher movie knowledge to get every answer right?

Let's see... if you get 10 answers or more right, then you passed. Below that is a fail.


1. Who Killed This Guy?


2. Who Was The Person Freddy Was Doing This At?


3. This Famous Rapper Was In Which Famous Slasher Flick?


4. Has Jason Ever Fought With Leatherface?


5. This Picture Was Taken In What Year?


6. The Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Was First Gonna Be Named What?


7. What Is The Age Listed For Michael Myers In The Credits To Halloween II (1981)


8. What Was His Real Age In Halloween II (1981)


9. 62% Of All Box Office Earning Went To The Slasher Genre In What Year?


10. What Comes Next?


11. Jason Ran In Which Friday The 13th Movies?


12. Which Of These Kills Haven't Been Done By Freddy Yet?


13. How Was Michael Myers Killed In Halloween 6?


14. Where Is Crystal Lake Really At?


15. Pinhead Was Gonna Fight Which Of These Horror Villains Onscreen?


16. Which Of These Actors Played Both Jason and Michael Myers briefly

And that makes it for this quiz. Which ones did you get right?

Look below!

1. Roy Burns (Imposter Jason)

2. Jesse

3. None

4. Yes

5. 1988

6. Headcheese

7. 23

8. 21

9. 1982

10. Chucky sticks an air pump into the teacher's chest

11. 2 - 4 and Friday The 13th (2009)

12. ''Wait, Freddy's done all of these''

13. He was never killed

14. New Jersey

15. Michael Myers

16. Tom Morga

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