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Real life Horror

My kids and I moved into a little 2 bedroom semi, the boys were 7 and 5 years old, things started slow... noises and bumps, nothing too disturbing but soon it started to ramp it up, I would be sitting in the living room and hear the kids running up and down the stairs but when checked they were asleep. A cat appeared in the bedroom when there was no way it could have got in, cupboard doors were slowly opening on their own, lights flickering, tv turning off and on, volume up and down things would disappear from the table and reappear somewhere else, the kettle boiling on its own. Day or night it didn't matter, it was happening at any time. It steadily got worse, I went to go to the bathroom but the door slammed shut in my face, I assumed it was one of the kids and went back downstairs but both boys were in the kitchen. I went back and checked the windows but they were closed.

A couple of nights later I could hear a soft voice calling my sons name while both boys were asleep, there was no-one there but I said, out loud, "pack it in!". It seemed to stop. A night or two after that my eldest son shouted downstairs "mum... tell them... they won't let me sleep!" I shouted up to leave the boys alone and he went quiet and went to sleep. We had a few days of the normal bumps and lights flickering...things we had gotten used to but my youngest was quieter than normal, i kept asking him why but he wouldn't say. He eventually told me that something made him sick.... it was black stuff but he couldn't find it when he stopped choking, there were no outward signs of sickness in the bedroom but he didn't want to go to bed in that room.

Then things got worse still. I was doing dishes at night looking towards the back garden when someone walked past the window...I grabbed a frying pan and ran outside but realised to have walked past the window they would have had to walk through the porch wall, I realised it wasn't in front of me I had seen the person but a reflection of someone walking behind me. disturbed by this i asked a friend to come over, he was a non believer in the supernatural and as we stood in the kitchen making a coffee I told him what had happened and he dismissed it as my imagination. As he finished speaking every cupboard door in the fairly large kitchen flew open with force and as we stood staring at them in shock they all slammed shut. My friend didn't stay long and I moved the kids into my room with me.

The following day the cat was back... sat in the middle of my bed when I walked into the room, it jumped down and ran out of the room, I chased it but couldn't find it in the house. That night was the eldest started shouting and my youngest was screaming... I ran upstairs thinking they were arguing and fighting but as reached the top of the stairs i could see them both huddled on the bottom of the bed screaming, I ran towards them but the door slammed in my face with much force, I pulled and rattled the door handle, pounded on the door but it wouldn't budge, by this time i had lost it completely and started to kick the door in, I kicked it open, one of the hinges splintered right off, I grabbed the boys and ran, we moved out within the week. I am now more careful when it comes to checking history of houses I am moving into.


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