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WARNING: Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead.

After this Sunday's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), which threw the group into a totally new environment, you can bet that next week they'll still be struggling to adjust to such a rapid change.

The latest promo for Season 5, episode 13, which is titled "Forget," certainly shows the group still adapting to their new life, and it also casts a new character, Deanna, in a rather mysterious light.

Take a look at the highlights from the promo for "Forget," and watch the whole thing at the bottom of the article:

Constable Rick is on the beat

After being given the position of constable, we see Rick back on duty, wandering the streets of this new town.

He approaches the walls

Still uneasy with being penned in, we see him approaching the boundaries of the town.

It will be very interesting to see how Rick, and the entire group, handle being within the confines of the walls. Will they find comfort, like at the prison, or will it be stifling?

He voices concerns to Michonne

Speaking to Michonne about Deanna, he says:

I don't know if this is some kind of play, handing authority to strangers.

To which she replies

She seems smart.

I'm not sure whether Rick is being overly cautious, or Michonne is being too trusting, but Deanna and how she runs Alexandria is obviously a bit of a mystery to the group.

Deanna seems to want something from Sasha

Speaking to Sasha, Deanna seems almost sinister as she says to her:

I see a community here, but I want something in return.

It's unsure if this sentence has darker meaning, or whether Deanna is simply saying that she expects each resident to earn their keep. After her speech, she hands Sasha a red box of something which is possibly ammunition, and sends her on her way.

Can Sasha trust her?

We've seen a real change in Sasha after the death of both Bob and Tyreese over the course of Season 5. I can't help but wonder whether or not she will go along with Deanna's plan for her, or if she will just bide her time until something else comes along.

Sasha seems to have a new job

Either way, it looks like, for now, Sasha has been given the job of patrol, or possibly overwatch, which was the position given to Andrea in the comic series. If this is true then it definitely looks as though Sasha, who isn't in the comics, has taken over the role that Andrea has in the comic.

Carol still looks like a suburban housewife

As far as I'm concerned, Carol was the smartest member of the group coming into Alexandria. While everyone else seemed to have come in as their usual selves, Carol pretty much regressed back to how she was in Season 1, all in the name of gathering info or course. In the promo, Rick says to her:

We need to do it sooner than later.

And then:

Well we can't use Daryl, they're watching every move he makes.

In the promo it sounds like Rick says these lines all in one scene, though given how sneaky AMC is with their promos I'm not entirely sure if they were. Either way, it does sound like Rick, Carol and Daryl have some sort of plan in action to find out the true nature of Alexandria, and unfortunately for Daryl, his reluctance to integrate with the group seems to have made him a target.

Carol reaches for something

Has she found something like bugging equipment, or is she retrieving something that was hidden?

Daryl's every move is being tracked

Just like Rick mentioned, Daryl looks to have been followed into the woods. While his tracker, Aaron, comes out with his arms up, it's still unsure why he was following Daryl in the first place.

Some walkers break up this tense conversation

While Daryl is demanding to know why he was being followed, it looks like some walkers pose a threat and he yells at Aaron to follow him.

But, who is this gun being pointed at?

As Daryl runs on ahead we see Aaron raise his weapon, but is Aaron's gun pointed at a walkers head, or at Daryl's?

Watch the whole thing below:

What do you want to see in episode 13? Tell me below!

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