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Brendon Fosters

Everybody knows the feeling when nobody likes you. Just because of it you don't have to change yourself. The movie Wreck-IT Ralph the perfect example for everybody out there. The main character Ralph feels bad, because of his role. Destroying the building and then there Comes Fix-It felix to fox the damage, then they throw down Ralph from the roof. His dream was only to get a gold medal. He travels to an another game and he stoles one.

The medal has been dropped on a tree in the game SUGAR RUSH. While Ralph tries to get back it Venelope (also a main character) appears. She stoles the medal to get in a race. She sees that Ralph is mad, because it was the only one that he won. HERE COMES THE SWEET PART :). Venelope seems to feels some love. She made a ,, You are my hero'' medal to him.

Venelope is about to win the race. King Candy alias Turbo is about to destroy the game and Venelope, 'cause she can't get out f the game. Ralph wanted to kill himself by jumping out from King Candy's captivity into the Mentos and Cola mountain to save Venelope. She saved him by catching him while stunt doubling. Ralph and Felix repaired the finish line to help Venelope win the race to reset the game. Venelope became the queen of the game

If you don't understand, just look up the spoiler right here :)

This films main meaning is to be proud who you are. Maybe you can be the queen of your own. It is not always right what are you thinking about yourself. It can be true, that they don't say it out, but you are their hero. :)


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