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Horror movies are often terrifying precisely because of details leeched from real life atrocities. This can hit - quite literally - closer to home if there's a link to the state you're from. I mean, if you're from Vermont, chances are that you whispered to each other as kids about Ted Bundy; pretty much the worst person to ever be born in your state.

With that in mind, here's a handy infographic for those horribly fascinated by true crime - the guys at Mandatory created this handy infographic - telling you the worst person from your state...

Let's expand on that a little bit. Several of the 'worst people' given here are not actually serial killers - for example, they may be spree killers or gangsters - I'll make a note of this.

Disclaimer: I'm just breaking down this particular map, and some bad people have been assigned to states based on either birth state or area of operation, the compilers have taken both these as justification.

If you have a better suggestion for the worst person of a specific state, please let us know in the comments!

The Ones Everyone's Heard Of

Some, such as the Zodiac Killer (California), Jeffrey Dahmer (Wisconsin) and Albert Fish (Washington D.C.) are notorious enough to be portrayed in movies and popular culture.

1. Ohio: Charles Manson

Victims: 9

Note: Cult Leader

2. Wisconsin: Jeffrey Dahmer

Victims: 17

Note: Infamous necrophile and murderer Ed Gein was also from Wisconsin

3. Washington D.C.: Albert Fish

Victims: 10+

4. Texas: Richard Ramirez

Victims: 14

5. Kansas: Dennis Rader (BTK)

Victims: 10

6. California: The Zodiac Killer

Victims: 5 confirmed

Note: Richard Trenton Chase 'The Vampire of Sacramento' also killed in California, as did prolific killer Rodney Alcala.

7. Utah: Gary Ridgway

Victims: 49+

Note: Ridgway was born in Utah but killed along the Green River in Washington

8. Indiana: Jim Jones

Victims: 909+

Notes: Cult leader, persuaded followers to drink cyanide

9. Illinois: John Wayne Gacy

Victims: 33

The Lesser Known Killers

10. Missouri: Terry Blair

Victims: 9

Note: Diagram cites outlaw Jesse James for Missouri

11. South Dakota: Jerry Brudos

Victims: 4

Note: Diagram cites 30s gangster Vernon C. Miller

12. North Dakota: Eugene Butler

No photo available: Butler died in 1906
No photo available: Butler died in 1906

Victims: 6

Note: Diagram cites 80s cop killer Gordon Kahl

13. Montana: Kyle Huff

Victims: 6

Note: Mass Murderer, born in Montana. The Unabomber also orchestrated his attacks from a remote cabin in Montana.

14. Nebraska: Charles Starkweather

Victims: 11

Note: Spree Killer

15. Colorado: Dylan Harris & Eric Klebold

Victims: 13

Note: Mass Murderers

16. Connecticut: Michael Bruce Ross

Victims: 8

Note: Diagram cites US war traitor Benedict Arnold

17. Iowa: The Villisca Ax Murderer

Victims: 8

Note: Diagram cites Robert Hansen, as he was born there

18. Nevada: Carroll Edward Cole

Victims: 16

Note: Diagram cites outlaw Long-haired Sam Brown. Cole killed in more than one state.

19. Arizona: Mark Goudeau

Victims: 9

Note: Diagram cites outlaw The Apache Kid

20. New Mexico: David Parker Ray

Victims: 14 - 60

21. Oklahoma: John Robert Williams

Victims: 12

Notes: Diagram cites spree killer Cameron Willingham

22. Wyoming: Everett E. Conant III

Victims: 4

Notes: Spree killer. Diagram cites hate crime killer Aaron McKinney

23. Mississippi: Donald Leroy Evans

Victims: 3 confirmed, 70 claimed

Notes: Diagram cites outlaw L.H. Musgrave. Evans killed in many states, but was incarcerated in Mississippi and murdered by another inmate there.

24. Alabama: Michael McLandon

Victims: 10

Notes: Spree killer

25. Georgia: Wayne Williams

Victims: 2 - 31

Note: Diagram cites gangster Pretty Boy Floyd. There continues to this day doubt about Williams' conviction, including a suggested KKK cover-up for the murders.

26. Tennessee: Paul Dennis Reid

Victims: 7

Notes: Diagram cites outlaw Machine Gun Kelly

27. Virginia: Briley Brothers

Victims: 12

Notes: Spree killers

28. Maryland: Melvin Rees

Victims: 5+

Note: Diagram cites assassin John Wilkes Booth

29. New Jersey: Charles Edmund Cullen

Victims: 35+

Note: Diagram cites US traitor Aaron Burr

30. Louisiana: Sean Vincent Gillis

Victims: 8

Note: Diagram cites assassin Lee Harvey Oswald

31. Pennsylvania: Harvey Miguel Robinson

Victims: 3

Note: Diagram cites outlaw The Sundance Kid

32. Rhode Island: Craig Price

Victims: 4

Note: Diagram cites infamous pirate Thomas Tew

33. New Hampshire: H. H. Holmes

Victims: 9 confirmed, 27 confessed

Note: Holmes was born in NH but erected his infamous Murder Castle in Chicago

34. New York: Timothy McVeigh

Victims: 168 killed, 600 injured

Notes: Terrorist

35. Michigan: Benjamin Atkins

Victims: 11

Note: Diagram cites Aileen Wuornos for Michigan (victim count 7)

36. Idaho: Dayton Leroy Rogers

Victims: 7

37. Delaware: Steven Pennell

Victims: 5

38. Washington: Dr. Michael Swango

Victims: 60+

39. Oregon: Randall Woodfield

Victims: 18+

40. Florida: Gerard Schaefer

Victims: 30+

Note: born in Wisconsin, moved to Florida at 14

41. Maine: Arthur Shawcross

Victims: 14

42. North Carolina: Antwan Pittman

Victims: 8 suspected, convicted of one murder

43. South Carolina: Henry Louis Wallace

Victims: 10

44. Minnesota: Carl Panzram

Victims: 22

45. Alaska: Robert Hansen

Victims: 17+

Note: Diagram cites Robert Hansen for Iowa as he was born there, gives gangster Soapy Smith for Alaska

46. Kentucky: Donald Harvey

Victims: 37+

Note: Harvey was actually born in Ohio, but moved to Kentucky when he was still an infant.

47. Hawaii: Raymond Fernandez

Victims: 4

48. Arkansas: Mack Ray Edwards

Victims: 6+

49. West Virginia: Bobby Joe Long

Victims: 10+

50. Massachussetts: Albert DeSalvo, 'The Boston Strangler'

Victims: 13

Click here for an expanded version of the map.

Who's the worst serial killer from your state?

Sources: Mandatory, Murderpedia


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