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When it comes to toys, this one that just came out pretty much takes the cake. It self-rights itself when it goes upside down and it has The Hulk sitting on like a Hummer-type car. It can also say "Hulk Smash" and can literally smash things. So, like, I'm pretty much sad as hell that I wasn't a kid when this came out. I would lose my mind.

Meanwhile, I might still buy this simply because it's a truly interactive toy. You can drive the Hulk around, have him to flips, and have him smash stuff. Check out this display of coolness:

Despite the subpar driving abilities of the person from this example video, I'm thoroughly sold. It simply doesn't get much better than this when it comes to remote control cars. It's not even really a remote control car. It's more of an amazing remote control Hulk-car.

Undeniable. Unbelievable. You can't truly love something like this until you try it yourself. And I haven't yet. But I will...very soon.

Check out what the remote control looks like:

And a better look at the car/Hulk.

If someone wants to buy me this and send it my way, like... I'm fielding offers and I can't wait. So do it ASAP, okay?

(Via: geektyrant)


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