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Now, the fantastic thing about Marvel and Sony's recent deal to bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that there's seemingly no downside to the thing. Fans of the MCU will get to see Spidey team up with the Avengers, but since Sony will still make Spider-movies themselves, there won't be a sudden drought of solo Spider-Man films any time soon. Similarly, MCU heroes and villains will be able to pop up in those solo films, but there won't be any more pressure to do so than there is existing fan demand.

What, though, if there was, in fact, one potential problem for old-school Spider-fans?

What if...Marvel and Sony are Set to Completely Change Spider-Man's Origin?

Specifically, what if they're set to make Spidey a little more...Inhuman?

There have, after all, been all kinds of rumblings about which MCU heroes are going to turn out to be Inhumans - with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver currently all-but certain to be, seeing as Fox's ownership of the term 'mutant' means their origins have to be changed anyway.

Add in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D's Skye's recent transformation - and speculation about the source of the Black Panther and Captain Marvel's powers - and it's fair to say that it appears to be open season on character's cinematic-universe origins being changed from the comics.

Now, just to be clear, this is - as of right now - just speculation, and as far as I'm aware Marvel and Sony have no actual plans to make this a reality, but:

Could it Actually Be Possible That Marvel and Sony Would Make Spider-Man an Inhuman?

Well, short answer, probably not - but long answer? Maybe...

After all, Spidey's comic-book origins are a pretty integral part of what the wider world thinks of when you say the name Spider-Man - that whole 'being bitten by a radioactive spider' business being very much a key part of who he is. The odds of Sony or Marvel wanting to mess with that sort of universal brand awareness, then, seem fairly low.

Were the two companies to decide to take a very different route with the character, though - perhaps even giving Peter Parker a break from the big screen - it's not impossible that they could decide that giving him a reason to star in 2019's Inhumans would be an excellent idea. After all, there's nothing Hollywood loves more than a good old fashioned reboot.

It's a long shot - and it'd be seriously controversial if it were to actually happen - but y'know what? It might not be quite as impossible as it first sounds...

What do you think, though? Is there any way you could imagine Spidey's origin not featuring a radioactive spider? What direction would you like to see the Spider-franchise take? And just what is the deal with radioactive animals biting people, anyway?


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