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Forget Boyhood missing out on both 'Best Picture' and 'Best Director' at this year's Academy Awards, the real snub was Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel.

They, they being critics and members of the academy, say that his films are too "twee" and too "quirky" to win an oscar, even in spite of the fact his highly stylized films always deal with difficult subject matter.

But never mind, we know The Grand Budapest Hotel should've won. Not only was it most well-written of his films to date, it was also, perhaps, his most beautiful. It's always baffled how he makes his films so visually appealing.

But, right on cue, I think I've found somebody who can explain just how Anderson manages to do it. That man is Rishi Kaneria.

In his well put together supercut, Kaneria highlights Anderson's use of red and yellow color palettes.

Take a look at the stunning supercut below.

It's crazy how Anderson creates these mesmerizing worlds in which we don't even notice just how much of the same colors are being used.

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