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Kristin Lai

I think it's safe to say that many of us spent our childhoods waking up early in the morning to catch the latest episode of Sesame Street. Between their stacked list of guest stars and their knack for teaching children how to count, it was the best show on TV for budding minds.

As a kid, you never realize that these puppets have actual people behind them. One of my favorite characters was always Big Bird. He was tall, yellow...a bird. What's not to like?

The man behind Big Bird, Carrol Spinney, has been playing that role, along with the far less popular Oscar the Grouch, since 1969. Recently, the 80-year-old actor made a parody video of the Academy Award winner for Best Picture [Birdman](movie:780317) aptly titled Big Birdman and it's hilarious and adorable. Check it out below:

Did you recognize that voice? Did it immediately transport you back to simpler times? Did it make you want to build tents made out of sheets and drink chocolate milk? Alright! Then we're all on the same page.

Now, can someone please point me in the direction of Sesame Street?


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