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Pokémon fans have long been jokingly critical of Ash and his refusal to age. No matter how awesomely diversified his team got, we just couldn't get past the fact that he's celebrated his tenth birthday for years. Yeah, his look may have been updated during his perpetual childhood, but he's remained the same kid at the same age.

Well, now Reddit user How2Post has noticed a trend throughout the years that blows other Pokémon easter eggs out of the water, and it really hammers home how time is just not a pressing factor in Johto, Hoen, or any of the other regions.

Check out the amazing attention to detail below:


During the eighth or ninth season, we're introduced to a cute mother and daughter family who have great taste in PokéDolls (but definitely forgot the Jigglypuff).


Two years later, they pop up VERY discreetly behind a Lickilicky. Seriously, how did anyone spot them?


Continuing their career in espionage, the pair appears during a credits sequence that was almost certainly overlooked by most.


Coming out of the shadows, it looks like the friendly resident Tangrowth was way more aware of these two than we ever were.


And, here they are again in 2011, hand-in-hand and totally ageless!


Looks like they're as surprised to see a Scraggy as I was when I was first introduced to the shedding Pokémon. I can't help looking at this little guy and not internally screaming, Get a belt!


And here we are back to the present, with this family holding strong ten years later!

So, the consistency of this mother-daughter duo may prove that time is pretty stagnant in the world of Pokémon, but it also opens up so many questions. If these two are revisited time and time again, do they have some larger significance that we don't know about?

I'll leave you with a provocative question posed by Redditor Redmabio:

What if there is no Pokémon and the mom is just a good storyteller telling her daughter the story of Ash Ketchum and everything we see is just the girl's imagination?

What do you think these two recurring characters could represent?


Were you stunned by the Pokemon anime's commitment to detail?


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