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Today I give you the history of the incredible Hulk.

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Jack Kirby and Stan Lee
Jack Kirby and Stan Lee

Hulk was created of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and Hulk was a mixture of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In an interview with Kevin Smith, he said that Stan Lee wanted a character that was kind of misunderstood and that was when the Frankenstein came in. And he also wanted the thing that all superheroes has and that is a double identity. Stan always loved Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and therefore he decided that Hulk will be a human being that turns in to a monster.


In the incredible Hulk issue #1, Bruce Banner was testing a gamma bomb at a military base that he worked for, that was in command by General Thunderbolt Ross which was the father of Betty Ross (Bruce's later love interest). During the countdown Bruce spots a teenager named Rick Jones on the testing area. Bruce tells his assistant Igor to pause the countdown while he goes out and saves the boy, but Igor doesn't like Bruce very much so he doesn't pause it and BBBBOOOOOMMMMM!!! Gamma radiation explodes all around Dr. Banner and later Banner is feeling sick and he turns into the Hulk for the first time.

The Incredible Hulk comic book title did get canceled after just six issues, but Hulk appeared in other comic books like The Fantastic Four and of cause The Avengers as one of the founders of the team.

As you can see on the cover of the first issue of The Incredible Hulk is that Hulk is grey and that was his original color but in the first issue the Hulk was blue sometimes and grey sometimes and that was because of the color when they printed the comic book and the colors wasn't so good. So Stan decided to paint him green instead.

Diffrent Hulks

  • Age of Apocalypse Hulk
  • Maestro Hulk
  • End Hulk
  • Zombie Hulk
  • House of M Hulk
  • Inferno Hulk

Reading Recommendations

  • Planet Hulk storyline
  • The Incredible Hulk issue #1-6
  • Hulk The End
  • The Incredible Hulk Vol. 3 issue #24-25
  • Red Hulk storyline


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Red Hulk
Red Hulk

We also have Red Hulk who has been a long time enemy of The Hulk. Red Hulk started out as General Thunderbolt Ross who was in the project when Bruce was exposed by gamma radiation. Ross used radiation like Bruce and turned Ross into the Red Hulk. We all know that how madder Hulk gets the stronger he gets but when Red Hulk get madder he get's hotter and can melt metal just by touching it. Later Banner made arrangements with Iron Man to let Ross on to the Avengers, so now he is fighting along them in the comics.

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