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I liked the 2013 Carrie. I liked all versions of Carrie though honestly even the 2002 one where Carrie lives and Sue Snell takes her away. I like the mysticism, the carnage and the lessons learned from it. The bullied getting back at the bullies finally after being pushed too far. The story of attempted redemption gone wrong for Sue Snell. I also liked that the 2013 Carrie added something that I didn't remember hearing from any previous Carries. There was a throwaway comment about how Carrie had been in full support of her mother's evangelism and had made comments about how the girls would some day go to hell if they didn't change their ways to show maybe Carrie wasn't only ostracized for seeming strange.

It also made her change interesting because now she had grown up and was thinking for herself but people were still holding onto her past transgressions. I also had a problem with that too however since the thing about Carrie being made today is to represent that sometimes bullies bully people for no reason more than the fact that they can.

Carrie was based on the book by Steven King and although I didn't finish the book yet I've heard that the 2013 is the closest adaptation to the book. However I felt that I would have liked it to go away from the book and tell a different ending.

What Happened:

Like every other Carrie ending the school burns down killing almost everyone inside and while a few manage to escape they're quickly dispatched by Carrie in her own brand of "not vengeance, punishment". Sue Snell being the only one to survive because she wasn't allowed into the prom in the first place.

Carrie returns home and instead of a sympathetic mother that we all hope to get after life beats us down her mother instead tries to kill her after telling the horrifying tale of her conception. Of course the telekinetic titan was having none of that and causes everything sharp in the house to attack her mother like a living magnet. Distraught that she pin cushioned her mom, Carrie decides to go all Romeo and Juliet and kill herself too; Sue goes to try to talk her out of it but she almost becomes another victim herself, being spared only because she is pregnant. She's thrown from the house because that's a good thing to do to a pregnant girl and the house is crushed killing Carrie and her mom. Flash forward and Sue is telling her story in court of the big prom incident, she then goes to Carrie's grave that has been vandalized (of course) and puts a rose down. In the ultimate mindfuck the tombstone breaks and reveals Carrie might not be so dead, unless she's just a pissed off psychic ghost which is even more terrifying but we'll never know because the credits roll. A good ending, I don't have much problem with that. It would have been just a tad bit different if I was at the helm though.

What I Would Have Done:

I wouldn't change anything leading up to the gravestone scene. She'd still have the pig's blood dumped on her, she'd still light the school on fire, she would still go home, kill her mom and spare Sue. At the gravestone however, it's revealed that none of it was true.

Yep. Sue made up the story about Carrie killing everyone at the prom. It's revealed that Sue was actually the mean girl who hated Carrie. Sue's boyfriend Tommy heard about how the girls treated Carrie in the bathroom when she first got her period and he was disgusted with Sue and dumped her right before prom was supposed to happen. Tommy who had an English class with Carrie and was fascinated by her decided to ask Carrie to the prom. While at first hesitant she says yes. Sue hears about this and decides to use her pregnancy to get her boyfriend back but to no avail. Tommy starts spending time with Carrie and people start to look at Carrie differently now that she isn't always alone and doesn't seem so strange anymore so they vote her in for prom queen. Sue accidentally sees Carrie break a mirror with her mind showing psychic ability and thinks she is a freak, she tries telling Tommy but he either doesn't believe her or he just doesn't care.

Sue was once the weird kid in school and Tommy didn't pay her any attention just like the other kids didn't, so to see him treating Carrie so well drives her crazy. She and friend Chris Hargensen the mean girl for this movie got the idea to dump pig's blood on Carrie. Chris was already angry that the Carrie situation had gotten her banned from the prom as well. Sue, Chris and Chris' boyfriend sneak in but unbeknownst to Chris, Sue has an ulterior motive. She spreads gas all around the back of the prom, she sees her ex-boyfriend kissing Carrie which causes her to come out just to watch Carrie be embarrassed but she is caught by the teacher and forcibly dragged out the prom and the doors locked behind her. Sue uses chains to lock the doors and lock everyone in it and lights the place on fire.

Chris and her boyfriend manage to make it out and to the boyfriend's car which Sue joins them but Chris admits that this was more than she could handle. When Chris says she wants to go to the police, Sue begins to choke her which causes the boyfriend to attempt to help her. Hands off the wheel they run into the gas station the car bursting into flames and Chris being sent flying out the front for not wearing a seat belt. Sue narrowly making it out before the other two are killed.

Sue goes to Carrie's house to tell her mother of the bad news but her mother, who is uber Christian to try to get the demons out of her head which is actually her also showing psychic ability reading minds, overhears Sue's thoughts that she was the one to to kill everyone at the prom. Carrie's mother attacks her but Sue manages to stab her; releasing her frustration she stabs her over and over again. Sue then runs a car through the house destabilizing the foundation of the old ratty house which causes the house to collapse on itself burying Carrie's mother. The body is never found and the body for Carrie isn't found either because she was still at the prom. Sue now got away with multiple murders and everyone thinks Carrie is the killer and hates her even more than they did before.

evil behind those eyes.
evil behind those eyes.

She brings the white rose to the grave and tells Carrie that even in the afterlife she wants her to remember that she (Sue) won. She turns around and there is Carrie standing there still alive, still covered in pig's blood. They both scream the credits roll.

That's all Folks!

That's all she wrote guys. That would be the way I'd end it. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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