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While I agree the film had its strengths, The Five-Year Engagement missed the mark on a few too many notes and was a disappointment for me and what I’ve come to expect and appreciate from Apatow. However, when you produce as many movies as Judd does, you are bound to have some flops. This was one of them.

Before I go into what is wrong with the movie, I’d like to highlight two great things about The Five Year Engagement and its strong cast.

1. Jason Segel

2. Scenes featuring Emily Blunt and her University of Michigan colleagues, or Emily with one of my favorite actresses, Alison Brie!

Jason Segel is funny, no matter what he is doing or saying. That fact alone kept me in the theater, as the rest of the slow-moving film pushed and prodded me to leave for the restroom. His writing style and delivery are some of the best in the business in comedy today. He is the saving grace for this sinfully long romantic dramedy.

Emily Blunt was a fresh breath of air. Although she has been in multiple semi-successful earlier films including The Devil Wears Prada and The Young Victoria, this is the first time that I have seen her on the big screen. Her interactions with her sister (the always wonderful and quirky Brie) and the U of M fellows. The aforementioned Sesame Street-esque scene featuring Brie and Blunt was both ridiculous and hysterical, as they discuss serious issues in front of children with they are each trying to impersonate the Cookie Monster. Hilarity ensues.

The first hour is enjoyable, funny and fast-paced. I assumed that it would continue to a strong finish, but what occurs after the first hour the story is disjointed, unbelievable and too long to enjoy. I’d have to agree with fellow reviewer/blogger Cam Smith when he wrote, “Bridesmaids and Knocked Up earned their two-hour-plus lengths; this picture does not.”


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