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Holy Cheez-It and Tomato Sauce! They've done it, they've done it and they've done it! The Eden Motel in Taiwan is THE HOTEL. Did you see the above pic? Did you pass out from sheer shock and happiness? THEY HAVE A BATMAN HOTEL ROOM! For just about $209 a night, you could have your very own BATCAVE!!


This is literally a FIND for all Batman fans! Get your passports and get ready to jet, Batfans! Each picture will tell you why you should go:


*GASP x 2!!*

*GASP x 3!!!*

*GASP x 4!!!!*


And if the Batman theme doesn't tickle your fantasy, the Eden Motel has plenty of other themes:

"Dream Rose Garden"

"Jungle Fantasy"

"The Mummy"

Some themes are a bit on the eccentric side, but for more themes go here. You've been warned!


What do you guys think? Is Taiwan worth the trip???


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