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The true story of fifteen strangers, picked to live in a house, and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. It’s Safe Zone: Alexandria.

This week, our gang finally entered the Alexandria promised land, and had to learn how to be humans again. The Zone leader, Deanna Monroe, must’ve been a fan of reality TV back before the turn because there's an undeniably strong ‘Real World’ vibe goin’ on in ASZ.

Reminder: ASZ ≠ The Real World. Photo Credit: MTV
Reminder: ASZ ≠ The Real World. Photo Credit: MTV

Here are six ways the ‘Remember’ episode reminded us of MTV's ‘The Real World’:

One – Taped confessionals. The gang has to interview for entry into the Zone via questions from someone sitting juuuust off screen. Deanna hits hard with the questions for our gang, but also asks about the softer side of life, like how the group became a family. It’s almost like she’s interviewing sexy new singles for her community….

Two – Sexual intrigue abounds. Almost immediately upon entering Alexandria, both of the Grimes men get romantic interests. Carl and Enid appear to be playing the ‘catch me if you can’ game; and Rick and girl-next-door Jessie have already engaged in several mild flirtations. Jessie’s a married woman, so we all know that isn’t going to end well. But, just like in ‘The Real World’, it’ll surely make for excellent TV.

Three – The group is given jobs by a higher up. Once again, Deanna plays the role of the omnipotent MTV Network as she starts to assign jobs for each member of the Grimes gang. Rick and Michonne working together, oooooo, that’s definitely gonna cause some conflict.

Four – Fight! Fight! Fight! Glenn and Deanna’s son Aidan get into a fight that seems almost like one of those orchestrated bar fights from ‘The Real World’. I can just see Glenn’s confessional afterwards. “Yeah, that guy Aidan was a total douche nozzle and I may just kill him with my bare hands someday. Oh, yeah, and Daryl stuck his nasty, un-showered finger in the peanut butter again. Ugh!"

Don't even try to tell me that Daryl's not going to be ASZ's Puck. Photos: MTV/AMC
Don't even try to tell me that Daryl's not going to be ASZ's Puck. Photos: MTV/AMC

Five – The gang all lives together in one house. Not only do they live in the house, but they are also awed by the amenities that the house has. Sure, there’s no hot tub or funky décor, but there's running water and…OMG SHOWER!!!!

Six – Manipulation. Carol would have been a baller contestant on ‘The Real World’, or any other reality show for that matter. She’s hiding her true badass self in order to have the element of surprise as a secret weapon later in the game. Even though Carol looks "ridiculous" in that Carol Brady get up, she totally wins at life.

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