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Of course, Spider-Man is now back at Marvel....well kind of. All the rumor filled sites have been packed these past few weeks discussing who will be playing the web slinger, but no conversation has been had about the films director.

The news is coming from '' you should check them out for big exclusives. The word is that Sony want to focus on doing Spider-Man against the Sinister Six, so we might still be getting that.

Drew Goddard (Cabin In The Woods) was set to direct that film but now it looks like he'll be taking on the big guy himself and writing/directing the first "Spider-Man" film for Marvel/Sony. And it appears as if the film will be called "Spectacular Spider-Man" as many had previously guessed.

This will not be an origin story, Spider-Man will be an established character. Peter Parker will be a high school student, and will NOT be played by Andrew Garfield. Sony/Marvel plan to hold onto the same actor for many years to come.

A large part of the first film be feature Spider-Man fighting Iron Man and trying to pass an "audition" for The Avengers. The first film will also involve the "Sinister Six" as they come together, which will probably lead into their own film.

Dylan O'Brien and Logan Lerman seem to be the two front runners but there is no word on that as of yet. Casting will not begin for a couple of months apparently.

So there you go guys, and remember this all came from - Latino Review, make sure you check out their site!

Guys, let me know in the comments what you think of Drew Goddard directing and writing the first "Spectacular Spider-Man" film for Marvel/Sony.


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