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Khaled Iqbal Qazi

Jared Leto's post on instagram an hour back. IT'S HAPPENING!

And now David Ayer just posted this!

Possibly the most awaited look will be of Leto from the upcoming DC Super villain movie - 'Suicide Squad'. After probably, an inconceivable performance by Heath Ledger in the 'Dark Knight Rises', people's expectations are high on this character.

As discussed in earlier articles by others, it will be interesting to see what Leto will bring to the table and there is no doubt he'll have his own take of the character. So what look do you think will suit Leto the best? I think the one off from 'The Killing Joke' (not seen in the poll) will suit him the best. We do know that he is going to be 'majestic' though!


What look do you think will suit Jared Leto the best?

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