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The idea behind the project was to do something completely from scratch, not just a still with a character, but to tell a story through an image. That's when I had the idea to illustrate my childhood. "Batkid" was 100% inspired in this phase of my life, from the bedroom with posters and toys to the furniture and the Batman costume.

Besides extremely fun and nostalgic, "Batkid" gave me the opportunity to study new tools and techniques. You can find below reference images from the making of the scene:


To execute this project I used several tools like Maya and ZBrush (Modeling), Marvelous Designer (Cloth Simulation), VRay (Render) and Photoshop on post-production. As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words" below are attached some more pictures illustrating the process flow:

Well guys, I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as I did. Sometime soon I'll be making more posts with a detailed explanation of my workflow and maybe, who knows, some tutorials as well. If you happen to have any doubts, sugestion or even if you want to chat with me, send me an e-mail on [email protected] thank you very much for your visit, see you soon on a new post.


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