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Potterhead: A term used to describe a fan of Harry Potter. Whether you prefer the books or movies does not matter.

I am a HUGE Potterhead! I have all the movies, all the books and even once had all the games. Ironically though I ended up breaking the first game , selling the third through fifth in order to obtain the sixth, giving the sixth to my little cousin (Potterhead in the making), selling the seventh to get the eighth, and losing the eighth! Leaving Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets the only HP game I have.

It definitely stands the test of time!
It definitely stands the test of time!

But enough about my lack of Felix Felicis when it comes to Harry Potter games, let's talk about the ending to one of the greatest film series in cinema history! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Part 2, the very last book in one of my favorite series. Though our interactions with the life of Harry Potter ended in this book/film, it certainly wasn't the last chapter in his life; as seen in the epilogue that featured an older Harry seeing his children off as they started their adventures at Hogwarts!


But, what if, Deathly Hallows really was the final chapter in Harry's life? It came pretty close to being just that. See, in the final HP film (I'm just going to use film from now on, since this a proposal for an alternate ending and all, and it's easier for me to type and you to read), Harry comes pretty close to dying. In fact, he actually pretty much dies.

Harry's mission throughout pretty much the entire Harry Potter series was to kill Voldemort. To do that, he needed to find and destroy all seven of Voldemort's horcruxes. To put it simply, a horcrux is an object that contains a piece of a person's soul. By the time the final battle came around, Harry had gotten rid of all but two. Neville Longbottom, a friend of Harry's, later destroys one horcrux, Voldemort's snake, Nagini.


But before that, epic scene, they still needed to find the other. Problem was, no one knew what it was. That's because it wasn't a what, it was a who. Harry finally figured this out thanks to details so intense I won't spoil them here, and realizes that HE is the final horcrux. When Voldemort attacked him as a baby, he accidentally broke a piece of his soul off and planted it inside of Harry! Harry, after coming to terms that he must die in order for Voldemort to become vulnerable enough to be killed, meets with Voldemort.

Of course Voldy doesn't want to chat for too long, he's got things to do, people to enslave and/or curse! So he performs the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra on Harry, presumably ending his life! In a scene incredibly emotional and full of symbolism, Hagrid, the very man to introduce Harry to the world of wizardy, is seen carrying Harry's lifeless body to a crowd of distraught Potter friends and followers.

But because this is HARRY'S show, he magically comes back to life, but not before having a heartfelt chat with the spirit of his former fallen Headmaster, Dumbledore.

Who is now Gandalf....forsomereasonidontknow
Who is now Gandalf....forsomereasonidontknow

Harry, alive and well, deals blows with Voldemort and finally defeats him, ending the reign of the Dark Lord! An amazing ending to an amazing story! But what if that didn't happen? What if J.K. Rowling, being the tugger of heartstrings she is, actually killed off the main character of her story?! Well, besides the countless people in the world dropping their books in unison out of shock and going "WHAT?", it'd actually make room for what would be, in my opinion, an even more epic ending.


My alternate ending starts off pretty much the same as the original. Harry, after sacrificing himself, truly dies at the hands of Voldemort. All is lost, and the world feels a bit darker that day. Hagrid carries the lifeless body of his friend, the person who practically felt like a nephew to him, to the distraught Dumbledore's Army. As expected, tons of them sob and cry at the loss of their leader. Voldemort simply laughs, having finally won! He looks at the saddened crowd and speaks.

Voldemort—"From this day forward,you put your faith in me or suffer the consequences. Harry Potter is dead! Now is the time to declare yourself!"

Voldemort is offering those who opposed him in the Battle of Hogwarts redemption. Draco, same as in the original ending, chooses to side with Voldemort, both out of cowardice and allegiance to his parents; both of which are Death Eaters.

Neville is the next to walk up. But while everyone thinks that he is "volunteering" to join the ranks of Voldemort, he's actually planning to strike at him! Neville says the same speech as he did in the original ending, a speech I won't type here because, not only is it pretty long, but it's an amazing speech best heard by the man himself! So I'll give a rundown.

Basically, Neville says that people die all the time, and that's no reason to give up! His speech is moving, but sadly not enough to re-spark the rebellion. And so, in a move that would have been considered incredibly out of character just a few films ago, Neville draws from the Sorting Hat, the Sword of Gryffindor, and prepares to lash at Voldemort!

At the same time, Voldemort casts the deadly 'Avada Kedavra' curse at Neville, who manages to deflect it at Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix deflects it and screams in fury at Longbottom!

Now, this is the part where, in the original ending, Harry jumps out Hagrid's arms and looks towards Draco. Draco would then toss him the wand, revealing where his loyalty truly lies. But, since Harry actually is dead in my ending, that doesn't happen.

I knoooooooooooooooooooooow!
I knoooooooooooooooooooooow!

Instead, after seeing that his attack failed, Neville is caught a bit off guard! Seeing that he failed, Dumbledore's Army once again looks saddened and disheartened. Voldemort simply laughs.

Voldemort—"Foolish Longbottom, what did you hope to accomplish with your little act of courage, hm?"

Nagini hisses at Neville and prepares to attack, but Voldemort motions for her to stand down.

Voldemort—"Silence Nagini. Young Longbottom here was simply full of adrenaline. Isn't that right Neville? Tell you what, I'll give you ONE last chance to pledge allegiance. All you have to do, is bow. Will you bow, Longbottom?"


Voldemort, a bit stunned at Neville's unfaltering courage, starts to laugh once more. His many Death Eaters roar along with him. He motions for silence and looks at Neville with a look of anger.

Voldemort—"Avada Keda—"

But before he can utter the cursed words, someone beats him to the punch.

???—"Avada Kedavra!"

The words are spoken, and the familiar beam of green energy is sent flying towards Voldemort. It strikes him with a deafening blow! But who attacked the Dark Lord, who dared to strike at the all-powerful Voldemort? Draco Malfoy.

This is very faithful to Draco's character, as when Harry rose up during the original ending, Draco was the first to act, throwing him his wand and proving that he wasn't some coward who would stand by and allow Voldemort to kill more of his fellow wizards! But then, why did he walk over to Voldemort in the first place? Because Harry was, to his knowledge, deceased. Harry was Draco's courage, the one thing that made Draco strong (shippers, please settle down)! As hard as it was for him to admit, Harry was his friend. And when Harry came back to life, he damn sure wasn't about to let him die again! So, with Harry actually dead, what caused him to attack Voldemort? To regain his courage?

Neville. Draco saw a little bit of Harry inside of Neville when Longbottom decided to defy and attack Voldemort; and so he knew the only way to avenge his friend and honor his memory, was to help Neville in any way he can (again, shippers, please, calm down). So he took the Elder Wand and struck the Dark Lord with the Killing Curse! The End right? No, unfortunately not.

Voldemort, after getting hit by the curse, falls back. Dumbledore's Army, after a moment of silence, no doubt stupefied (pun sort of intended) by the events that just took place, cheer as loud as possible! The Dark Lord was gone! They had won! But then, in the middle of all the uproar and joy, Voldemort, in the most killjoy move ever, stands back up. He's unscathed, alive. But how?

Well, there is a theory, a theory I believe in, that I'll be using to fuel my alternate ending. The theory suggests that, because of a certain line in the fabled prophecy, Harry and Voldemort are LITERALLY the ONLY people who could kill each other! Here's the full theory for you to ponder:


So Voldemort stands back up, even more furious than before! He stares at Draco, who is still in disbelief that his plan failed. It all goes silent. Neville looks at Draco, and then back at Voldemort. Draco, realizing what he's done, frighteningly glances over at his mom and dad; who are both distraught and shocked at what their son just did. Draco turns his attention towards Dumbledore's army and nods his head, as if to say "Finish this". Voldemort, with a quick flick of the wand and a muttering of the deadly words, KILLS Draco!

That's right, Draco dies.

Yes, Draco Malfoy, in a moment sure to make every person in the entire world proceed to sweat profusely from their eyeballs, is struck down. Now let me be clear, I'm not putting that in my alternate ending as some sort of Draco bash. Honestly, Draco was the villain that I loved to hate and hated to love! So of course I have a reason for his death. See, in the original ending, Draco is the first to aid Harry. This shows his true courage. But before Harry springs up, Draco and the others pretty much do nothing to help a retaliating Neville. But like I said before, I believe if Harry didn't spring up, Draco would eventually help Neville, after seeing how Neville reflects Harry. But not only would he be the first to help Neville, he'd be the ONLY one! The others rely on Harry just as much as Draco; and with Harry gone, I'm afraid the courage of Mr. Longbottom isn't enough to make them fight back. But anyway, let's get back to the narrative, which will explain why Draco's death is so important.

Neville and the DA look as Draco's lifeless body collapses to the ground, a deafening thud echoes across the arena. For Neville, everything is barely audible. He can make out the unison screams of some of the wizards in the DA, and the sickening laughter of the Death Eaters as they battlecry. He turns his attention to Voldemort, who is joining in the laughter of his fellow soldiers.

Neville—"This isn't over!"

Voldemort and his army cease their laughter. Voldy smiles and walks towards Neville, slowly and menacingly (this is good stuff huh?)

Voldemort—"Even when death stares you right in the face, you don't falter. I admit, you've courage Longbottom. It's probably why you can still stand and face me. But, it is also, why you must die"

Voldemort once again throws the Killing Curse at Longbottom. But just as it is about to hit a disheartened Neville, Professor McGonagall steps in and deflects it.

Hail to the Prof!
Hail to the Prof!

Behind her, the entire Dumbledore's Army has drawn their wands! Draco's commendable act of courage and sacrifice, mixed with Neville's heartfelt words, have finally convinced them to stay strong and keep fighting! Voldemort, for a brief moment, is startled. He can't believe they're actually still opposing him. He killed the Boy Who Lived after all! Nevertheless, he chuckles (he's evil, he does a lot of that)

Voldemort—"So, you all wish to die?...So be it!"

The battle that ensues is even more intense than the original, with the DA being fueled by the wish to avenge both Harry and Draco! Though countless Death Eaters are taken out by the strong-willed wizards, Voldemort still can not be killed. Voldy himself takes down many wizards, before he's once again confronted by Neville. Now get ready for some epic but cliche (and a little cheesy) dialogue here.

Voldemort—"Longbottom? I half-expected you to have given up."

Neville—"Well I'm not, and no matter how many of us you kill, I never will. Not until you're dead."

Voldemort—"You saw with your very eyes boy! I cannot be killed, I'm...immortal."

[Pause for contractually obliged evil laugh]

Neville shrugs.

Neville—"No shame in trying right?"

Neville quickly shoots a beam of red energy from his wand. Voldemort stops laughing and deflects the beam.

Voldemort—"You have the nerve to try to kill the unkillable? Your bravery has become stupidity!"

Neville—" Maybe so, but I'd rather be stupid than follow you."

Voldemort growls. His Death Eaters, along with some wizards enter the room. They all draw their wands, but Voldemort motions for the Death Eaters to stop. As such, the wizards cease as well, but stay ready for any attack that might come their way.

Voldemort—"I've grown tired of you boy. Your position in my ranks has expired."

Neville—"That's a shame."

Voldemort smiles, a dark and cold one. He casts a spell at Neville's wand and it snaps in half. Neville is dumbfounded, gazing at the pieces of his wand on the floor. He's weaponless. Voldemort swiftly performs the Killing Curse and directs its green colored beam towards Neville! Everything is in slow motion, the wizards are crying out, the Death Eaters are cheering! Voldemort is cackling and Neville just stands there. Without any weapon, and no time to escape the curse, he accepts his fate. But suddenly, he hears a voice call out his name.

Narcissa Malfoy—"Neville! Here!"

Narcissa, Draco's grieving mother, who after seeing her son killed, switches sides! She quickly throws the Elder Wand at Neville, who catches it, and with a quick force, shoots a red beam of energy to clash with the green! For what feels like hours, but it is actually just a few minutes, the beams push at each other; trying to make the other shorter. Neville has the upper hand, as with Voldemort believing he can never die, he doesn't try as hard to keep the young Longbottom's beam away. Of course, he's still trying, just not as hard as he usually would. Nevertheless, he starts to panic, just a little, when Neville starts to win the duel! Neville is suddenly visited by three apparitions; his parents, and Harry.

Mr. Longbottom—"We believe in you son."

Mrs. Longbottom—"You can do it Neville!"

Harry—"Neville, don't give up. You have to win, you're the voice of Dumbledore's Army now, they believe in you."

(I said it was going to be cheesy didn't I? This is Grade A cheddar but c'mon, that's movies for you!)

Neville, with newfound courage, pushes back and finally wins the spell clash! It strikes Voldemort, who goes wide-eyed for a second. But as he remembers he's immortal, he simply laughs. As do his followers. Neville looks at the ground in shame.

Voldemort—"A worthless effort! I'm afraid you've wasted your energy, Longbo—"

Neville looks back up at Voldemort to see that the Dark Lord is holding his chest. Voldemort gasps for air and falls to his knees. He drops his wands and slowly starts to crumble away!

Because all along, he was actually paper mache...?
Because all along, he was actually paper mache...?

Then, silence. It was over. The Dark Lord had been destroyed, by Neville Longbottom no less! Professor Trelawney, the speaker of the prophecy, comes to a realization. And, in good-old exposition fashion, explains it to a shocked Dumbledore's Army. Remember the theory from before? Well, it's still correct. But it got one thing wrong.

Prof. Trelawney—"Harry wasn't the chosen one. It was Neville all along. Only he could destroy the Dark Lord!"

Yep! The reason Voldemort couldn't die was because the theory still stood! Neither he nor the chosen one could be killed by ANYONE except for the other. Meaning, Voldemort simply could not be struck down by anyone except the chosen one! But while it was thought that Harry was the chosen one, all along it was young Neville Longbottom!

Neville was born around the same time as Harry and even went through some of the same events. His parents were killed by Voldemort and he was luckily spared. He even grew up to be an astounding wizard, just like Harry!

The wizards rejoice! Voldemort was gone! The Death Eaters, having lost their ruler, are quickly apprehended by the Ministry of Magic and put on trial! And that's it, save the epilogue at the end, which this time features Neville and...whomever he ended up marrying. I want to say Luna, but I'm pretty she ended up with someone else. Shame. I was a huge supporter of team Nuna. Nuna? Leville? Longgood?

Eh, whatever you call it.
Eh, whatever you call it.

So there you have it! My alternate ending to the final entry in the adventures of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Part 2! Now, I like how it already ended, and I know I'd be immensely sad if Harry really did kick the portkey. But to me, the death of the main character always added a little more realism to the movie. Main characters are always portrayed as invincible, like they simply HAVE to win. With this ending, Harry dying and Neville becoming the main hero, well I just like it a little more. With this, Harry has done more than win the war, he's left a legacy. With him gone, one would surely think that the wizarding world would crumble. But just as Dumbledore inspired Harry to fight back, Harry did the same for Neville, and all of his friends!

Not to mention this ending would shock viewers! Especially those who had been watching Harry's adventure's since he was just eleven years old.

So what do you think of my alternate HP ending? Any good? Or just bad?


What did you think of my alternate Harry Potter ending?


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