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Juan Miguel Cobos

Since Marvel Studios announced that Spider-Man will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thousands of speculations came arround the internet. One of the most controversial speculations is the Spidey that will be played; Peter Parker or Miles Morales.

Thousands of fans want to see Miles as the new Spidey, as well, there are thousands of fans who want to see Peter again. Personally, I think that we need Peter in the MCU for many reasons.

Don't hate me, Just keep reading.

I'm no racist at all, in fact, I think we need to see more ethnic diversity in the MCU movies.

But the main reason for what I consider that Peter should be Spidey is this:

Marvel Studios has been struggling very hard for the Spidey rights during the last decade. When Marvel made "that announcement" some weeks ago, we all just came crazy, because we know how hard Marvel fought to introduce Spidey into the Avengers universe.

The situation is really different now.
The situation is really different now.

Personally, I would really love to see Miles on the big screen, but not before we see Peter along with the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. If Marvel wanted to, he would have used Miles without impacting the Sony's plans.

We really need to see the evolution of the character, I think that Miles is necessary as Spider-Man in the MCU, but I think that Peter deserves to fight along with the Avengers.

Hell, yes!!
Hell, yes!!

How can Miles Morales affect Spider-Man?

Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes of this time. Lots of fans (like us) have grown up reading the Spidey comic books, and we know Miles Morales really well. But what about the people that don't read comic books?

Take in count that a successful movie depends in people that maybe haven't read a comic book in their life! Imagine the next Spidey movie not succeeding... That would be really sad!

I think that Miles Morales is a character that we need to see in the MCU, but not now, it's too soon. We need Peter, a Peter worthy of the Spider-Man that every we love. And then, after we see Peter with the avengers, Miles Morales can stay as the Ultimate Spider-Man!

But what do you think, should the next Spider-Man be Peter Parker or do we need to see Miles Morales for an updated version?


Who would you prefer to be our next Spidey?


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