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Subtitle: Or the Unexpected virtue of too many Spidey Origin Stories

Am I the only one who thinks Marvel is making a mistake by pushing out a new series of Spider-Man films?

So Here is Where I'm Coming From

I was a fan of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man series, but it's biggest flaw, if you cut out the mess that was Spider-Man 3, was, in my opinion, Tobey Maguire was a good Spider-Man, he wasn't a very good Peter Parker. You need that balance to make a good Spider-Man film. I mean look at his face when he saves people:

Andrew Garfield was hipster Pete, and a good Peter Parker. But neither is charismatic enough to be both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. While the failed TASM2 is still fresh in people's mind, would the average moviegoer think it is just a recasting? With (**********************SPOILER ALERT**************************)

Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy killed off, what main character not there will make audiences say, oh, this is a new movie series? None. People campaigning for Tobey Maguire to come back, I can see where you are coming from, but won't it leave mainstream audiences to say "Where was Spider-Man for the last (by the time of the 2017 film) 11 years? And why was that other guy 20 year old Spidey for 2 years?" You see, most regular movie-going audiences don't look up stuff that much, I speak coming from a past with that kind of mindset.

Spider Diarrhea
Spider Diarrhea

And I haven't even mentioned the origin story part yet

Do the math: 1+1= Too Many

NOT TO DO THE ORIGIN STORY AGAIN! And here is why: everyone knows it! This is the basic origin that has been used in every origin:

Peter enters a lab. He finds genetically modified spiders, one of which bites him. He develops powers. Peter returns home late, and has an argument with Ben that prompts Peter to storm out. Peter goes to a store, and when a thief suddenly raids the store, Peter indifferently observes. While searching for Peter, Uncle Ben attempts to stop the thief and is killed when the gun that the thief was holding discharges into his stomach. The thief escapes as Peter finds Ben on the sidewalk. He becomes Spidey.

Attack of the Spider Tears
Attack of the Spider Tears

See. It's all the same! Oh and 2 more things.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Integration

Now you might be wondering, "Why did he jump to this?" Well, Dear Readers, this is why. He could hurt the MCU in 2 ways

  • #1: Cramming
  • #2: Diminishing Black Panther's role
  • #3 Pushing back the film schedule and, in turn, changing plans


Did you know, as of right now, 8 new characters and their supporting characters are set to appear in the next 4 years. Not to mention the Netflix shows and a WHOLE SUPERHUMAN RACE! (The Inhumans.) So yeah, there is a lot of new heroes joining the MCU. That's 20 that have/will be included in the films. Yeah, Not to mention that is 7 in Civil War if Hawkeye appears as he is rumored to.

Yeah Pete. I know
Yeah Pete. I know

Diminishing Black Panther's Role

Did you know that, unless the deal at Sony was completed, Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther was supposed to fill his role? Boseman is an incredible actor, best known for his work in "42" and "Get on Up", portraying a major character in America's history. He is most likely more qualified than any actor who might play Peter. Boseman at center stage would represent diversity, a thing Marvel desperately needs (if they hire DONALD GLOVER AS MILES MORALES{Please Marvel, Please} this issue would be solved, and they would add a charismatic, hilarious guy.) And, I know they probably made this decision for a business standpoint (or they would be ANGERING ME! dun dun dun) , but Spidey also pushed back his film into the middle of Infinity War, almost guaranteeing that it has little to now influence and opening the possibility that he may not be in it at all.

Pushing back the Schedule and other Phenomenon

I hope they weren't completely overlooking everything and not changing plans (unless it is all happening at the same time) for the movies, because that could make less sense than Thor: The Dark World to an average moviegoer. I hope this doesn't screw up Phase 3.

Solution: Use Miles Morales and Swap film dates with Black Panther

Only because there is no way to use Peter Parker Spidey without destroying the film schedule and using the boring origin story

Reasons compiled together:

  • Unfamiliar Origin story
  • More creative freedom
  • More diversity
  • Cool characters
  • Different than the average superhero film
  • Less effect on the schedule because it is in the middle of Infinity War, were a backstory from the character an be used with no effect on anything going on while still intriguing people and



There is a report that Dylan O'Brien of Maze Runner fame is Spidey, so this may not even be needed


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