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Aminia Junior Swaggie

Marvel is wasting no time introducing Spider-Man into their Cinematic Universe and there are some new details on who the studio has their eye on to direct and also new details about the project. Latino Review first dropped the news that The Cabin in the Woods writer/director Drew Goddard is currently in talks to helm and pen the screenplay for Spider-Man’s 2017 outing. Goddard has connections to both Marvel and Sony having developed the upcoming Marvel Daredevil series that will debut on Netflix this April as well as being attached to write and direct The Sinister Six movie that was set for release next year, but is now on hold thanks to the recent deal between Sony and Marvel. As known previously, Sony and Marvel have reached a deal to have Spider-Man join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the character set to be introduced in an upcoming Marvel movie, most likely next year’s Captain America: Civil War. That will be followed by a new Spider-Man film set to hit theaters on July 28th, 2017 that will be produced by Marvel and released by Sony. Goddard seems like the logical choice if new details on the film are true. According to Latino Review, the new film will be called, The Spectacular Spider-Man and will not be an origin story, but will follow Peter Parker in high school with hopes for the character to grow into the role. The first film will reportedly include Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man with the pair battling as a sort of audition to see if he is worthy of joining the ranks of The Avengers. The film will also mark the formation of the Sinister Six with possibility of the delayed spinoff movie happening sometime in the future. Just last week, Robert Downey Jr teased a big Marvel announcement would be happening this week and some are speculating that it could involve his inclusion in the 2017 Spider-Man movie. As for casting, there have been some reports that The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien has already been cast, but according to Latino Review’s sources, casting won’t take place for a number of months. It would seem likely that Marvel and Sony would want to secure a director before they decide on a new actor. Keep in mind, outside of Drew Goddard in talks to direct, the rest of the info should be taken as rumor for now, but do you think Goddard is a good choice to take over the Spider-Man franchise and would you like to see Spider-Man and Iron Man battle it out in the first film? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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