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The Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie. From the character arcs coming to a perfect ending, the great starship battles, lightsaber battles, redemption of characters, and a satisfying conclusion to a great trilogy. I will always hold it close to my heart with much love.

Now what if George Lucas and Richard Marquand decided to shock us and turn our great hero...into a villain?

Luke has unleashed his rage and severed the robotic arm of his father and enemy: Darth Vader. The Emperor sees this and is overjoyed to see a warrior even more powerful than Vader so he asks Luke to take his father's place at his side.

So far this is just the same as before until...

Luke's eyes slowly change to a golden hue and his voice turns cold, "I Master." The Emperor's cackles echo through the room then he commands him to kneel, "Luke Skywalker is no more, from this day on you shall be only known as...Darth Starkiller." (Fun Fact, did ya know...That Luke was originally going to be named Luke Starkiller but Lucas thought it didn't work? Lucasarts used the name for their original character: Galen Marek AKA Starkiller.) Luke nods then tells the Emperor of the impending doom of the Death Star and that they must retreat. They decide to leave Vader and head for the nearest Imperial Shuttle. The sight of seeing his son follow the same path he did makes the Anakin in him return slightly so he forces himself to his feet and finds his own way to his personalized TIE Interceptor.

The Death Star soon gets destroyed, the Emperor and new Dark Apprentice fly off to create chaos and tyranny for the galaxy. During the victory celebration, Darth Vader approaches Leia and the rest of our heroes, they threaten to kill him but he stops them and the movie ends with him saying the words, "There is a New Sith..."

And with this we could have gotten Star Wars Episode 7 back in the 80s instead of 2015. A sequel with Princess Leia as the main protagonist who must learn the ways of the Force from her father and Master Yoda. Leia wields the yellow bladed saber like the expanded universe had her wield. The ending would feature a duel between siblings whilst Vader duels his dark master to redeem himself for all the evil he had done. Leia defeats Luke and becomes the New and Last Hope for the Galaxy which Yoda hinted at in Empire Strikes Back.

What do you guys think of this alternate ending of the Return of the Jedi? I have a feeling some will hate me but that was kind of intentional since it is such a bitter ending.


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