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Buddy Hutchins has been the talk of the web this past month. A comic thriller that showcases Jamie Kennedy in a very different part that we’re use to seeing him in, it’s delicious script, striking visuals, and great dialogue offers everyone in front of and behind the camera a real chance to showcase their respective talent. One actor who walks away from the film etching a superlative impression is newcomer Demetrius Stear, a graduate of science-fiction and Asylum movies.

How would you describe Buddy Hutchins, Demetrius?
Buddy Hutchins is a Thriller/Black comedy. It’s Falling Down on steroids. I would say Buddy is relatable to many of people in today’s society simply because everyone has been wronged in so many different ways. The difference is most of us don’t take extreme measures into our own hands.

Can you tell the readers a bit about your character?
I play Ryan, Buddy’s last employee at his failed business. He is Buddy’s confidant, the only person at this point in his life he can trust. Ryan is a guy who values loyalty and is sympathetic to what’s going on in Buddy’s life as he is becoming unravelled at the seams.

Did you know director Jared Cohn beforehand or did you have to audition?
Yes Jared and I have been friends for over 10 years we met in acting school in Santa Monica. I read the script years before and really wanted to play Ryan, I had previously auditioned for other films Jared has directed, some I’ve been fortunate enough to be cast and others not. Jared has a sense of how I work and we get each other. I think he felt I was right for the part and had enough confidence in my abilities to offer it to me.

Is there a message in the movie?
The message is simple. Be conscious of your actions and how quickly things can turn into utter chaos. Be careful who you mess with. You never know what that person on the other side of the street is going through. You might open up something you can’t close.

Demetrius Stear
Demetrius Stear

Gotta ask, what was it like working with Jamie Kennedy? Hang out offset?
Jamie was awesome! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime. We had some good laughs on set and off set at the wrap party. Great actor and even better person!

Were you a fan of Jamie’s work?
Most definitely! I love the Scream movies, those films are classics. They are a part of my go to stash when Halloween rolls around, and of course, who could forget about Brad “B-Rad” Gluckman in Malibu’s Most Wanted. I’d like to see a Malibu’s Most Wanted 2!

What are you currently up to?
I have an upcoming military film that I am excited about because it’s subject is near and dear to my heart. It’s about a soldier coming home from the Iraq War with PTSD trying to adjust to civilian life. I am also getting behind the scenes with producing. I am currently working with a few different finance companies on funding some projects that I have in the queue with some partners of mine.


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