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Carol Salvatore
What a great opening line. How many liked it as much as I did?


He immediately allowed these strangers witness their capabilities as a unit. Like a fine tuned clock. All together as one unit. Not even some "families" are that fine tuned.

Did you notice how Nicholas stood there in amazement? It was almost like he had never seen anyone do that before with such accuracy and coolness. That's our girl Sasha. As I said earlier, she is the silent killer.

Turn over your weapons. I get the feeling that the folks of Alexandria aren't good with hand to zombie combat. Guns are their game. In any case I'm glad to see Rick and company still have their knives and they know how to use them.

Now let's talk about those steel walls. Ms Deanna said there was a large mall being erected and her husband "was" a Professor of Architecture. No mention of where he was. Now I ask you, how in the hell did those people erect those steel walls themselves? Now we all know they would have needed cranes, backhoes and various other digging and lifting machines to construct those walls. Was that really something the army created and it was taken over? Is Rick thinking about that? I sure hope so. What did the 3 men she exiled do? How bad could it have been? Or were they the ones who were actually part of the building crew and she no longer needed them? I think it's safe to say Ms Deanna can not be trusted as far as one could throw her.

Transparency. For who? Is anyone allowed to view those videos? If so, I would say that the group should make it a movie night.

I feel Ms Deanna is playing Rick. She is very observant. Some sort of training I would think. She is to nice. Should Rick take being her "constable" as a gesture of good faith or be insulted? He was a Sheriff for goodness sake. But, this will allow him to carry his weapon AND maybe give him access to the rest.

When Rick found the long range listening device under the front seat and Aaron admitted following them and listening to them for a long time, who's to say they aren't listening to them all the time? Why those two houses, why couldn't they pick the houses they want? I think the video she makes is to compare what was overheard.

Owls and Wolves. Does anyone else see the two as symbols for the Alexandrian.

Native Americans associated the meaning of owl with wisdom, foresight and keeper of sacred knowledge. Wolves as the Spirit Animal not only symbolizes intelligence and appetite for freedom, just to name a couple, but also symbolizes fear of being threatened and lack of trust. Something tells me that the tattoo Jesse has on her right wrist and the Wolves are symbolizing something for these people. Remember there are all kinds of people in this world and we have only seen a few. There are even Witches.

I hope they didn't hear and record Rick say, "if they can't make it, then we just take the place over".

I love the look Darryl gave him, it was like a high five with his eyes.


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