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Have you read The Sandman (by Neil Gaiman)? Haven´t you? Well, go and read it, I will wait. You will thank me.

Welcome back. I am sure that by now you have fallen in love with the characters and the fantastic, imaginative and vivid world. And you must be excited to know, that after a couple of decades, they are willing to release a movie based in this singular and captivating universe.

I know that no one will listen to me, but as a fan, I have wishes too, and I would love to see the follow actors and actresses playing these roles.

As always, if you have suggestions, please let me know in the comment section. I read all of them.

And thanks to Sabina for having introducing me to this inspiring work of art.

Hope you like it!

Sandman: Benedict Cumberbatch.

Benedict has become one of my favorite actors. Ever since Sherlock, he captivated me ( and millions of people) with his charisma and great acting skills. He is really a chameleon, and I am sure that he can capture perfectly the stoic, shadowy and serious attitude of the God of Dreams.

Benedict is perfect for the role. I mean, look at his lean, extraordinarily sculpted face; he was born to be Morpheus. Also, he has the gravitas to play the underlying menacing power that The Endless possesses.

Sadly, Benedict has already signed to play The Doctor Strange, a Marvel property. But hey, if The Sandman comic has taught us something, is that dreams can become true, right?

Also, Gaiman himself picked him to play the role. Enough said (thanks to Sabina for the info).

Death: Merritt Patterson

I love Death (I mean, in the comic). She is a charming delightful character, full of life and vitality. She smiles all the time. She has a great amount of compassion and love for the human beings. She is cute and likable. She is care-free and sympathetic. She creates the perfect contrast to Dream´s seriousness and calmness.

To play this role you need a charismatic actress with sensibility and charm. Merrit Patterson (The Hole, Wolves) fills it perfectly.

Another good option, I think, could be Emma Stone. She is cute and has the chops, and she could attract a lot of people to the movie theaters.

Desire: Eva Green

Desire (just as Death) is Dream´s sister. But, unlike her always responsible brother who cares about humans and always looks for them, she only wants to cause troubles to everybody just to have fun.

She likes to seduce men (and women) in order to fulfill her convoluted caprices. Eva Green has shown multiple times that she has an incredible talent to show a wide variety of emotions. Desire is a complex character, and Eva Green, with her versatility and energy, can perfectly be able to capture her enigmatic and sensual essence.

Also, Eva Green is hot. An important feat to play this part.

Despair: Danny DeVito

I love Danny DeVito. He is a great actor with a long career that has made us laugh trough the decades. He is fantastic in It´s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I need to write something about this hilarious and demented show). Danny has shown, multiple times, that he is not afraid to get into to nasty extremes in order to entertain us.

Despair, I know, is not a funny character, quite the opposite. She carries this cloud of eternal pain and suffering all around her, but Danny DeVito is a great actor who can play any part without fear and complete dedication.

Delirium: Taisa Farmiga.

Delirium is one of my favorite characters. She is a kind and noble being that makes you feel sorry for her sadness and loneliness. She is always looking for love and comprehension. Luckily, her siblings give that to her in spades.

Taissa Farmiga is better known for her roles in a couple of different seasons of American Horror Story. She has proven there, and in a couple of good movies like Mindscape (go and watch it, now!), that she has the talent.

As a side note, Gaiman was inspired by Tori Amos, to create Delirium. That explains a lot.

Lucifer: Michael Fassbender.

Lucifer is a complex character. He is evil and sinister (as you may expect from the Lord of Darkness), but not to the point of being a caricature or a parody. His purposes and goals are never clear. When he does something good, there is always the palpable feeling that he is doing it to satisfy his perverse purposes and desires. And when he does something bad, well, you never know what good will come from this.

Michael Fassbender is one of the best actors of this generation. He has unparalleled energy and passion. In a lot of senses, he is the perfect Lucifer (in a movie). Also, he is a box-office magnet. With him in this film, you can be sure that it will be a great success

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