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Everyone Has A Cobblepot

This week gotham finaly will answer some of our questions about the past off detective Harvey Bullock and again the series is more center in Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot than the rest of the characters.

In the first escene we can see that our friend alfred suvived the atack,and detective gordon goes to check on him , but he has to leave because Captain Sarah Essen, is callin him.

the attack to alfred , leave us wondering if wayne entrerprises is actually controled by the mob or some other evil organzation.

Alfred Pennyworth covers up Reginald Payne's attack on him since he didn't want to set the police on him. As Gordon leaves, Alfred struggles to get out of his bed as Bruce tells him to stay in bed.

At the prison facility, Fish Mooney meets Dollmaker , who has heard about Mooney's actions. mooney ask the dollmake to make her his right hand,

the dollmaker tells fish money that he couldn't find the match the color of her eyes and then he leaves her in the room tellin her tha they will talk soon.

she walks into a mirror and looks at her eyes .

Gordon and Harvey Dent learn from Sarah Essen that Commissioner Gillian Loeb was able to find a witness to get Arnold Flass exonerated.(P.D in this episode we can see the eternal war between Flass and Gordon as seen in the comic books ,other tv series, and batman movies).

you just dont learn- flass to Gordon

When Gordon visits Loeb, he showed Gordon footage where Bullock had stated about presenting false evidence against Flass.Upon confronting Harvey Bullock, Gordon learns from him that a police sergeant working for Loeb had a way to get Bullock to cooperate with him.

Half of the G.C.P.C Has A Cobblepot

Gordon and Dent interrogate an ex-partner Charlie Griggs (Michael J. Burg) of Loeb in order to find out the hold that Loeb has on some police officers which leads them to bookmaker Xi Lu .

the doll maker takes moon for a tour in the hospital and tell her the if she wants to be his right hand she needs to probe her self, then he shows to her

what is left of the guy who was incharge of the hospital while ha was away.

Bruce reads Alfred a story as Selina Kyle visits them upon Ivy Pepper spotting him. While apologizing for the attack on Alfred, Selina advises Bruce not to go after Payne.

Gordon and Dent interrogate bookmaker Xi Lu, and he recives a call from

loeb with tre order to kill and eliminate gordon and Dent who live the chinesse restaurant running .

With Bullock's help, they learn that Loeb has connections to Carmine Falcone.

gordon and bullock make a deal with Cobblepot , wich he agrees in the exchage of one favor.

To prove herself to Dollmaker, money is sent back to the prison to retrieve Thomas Schmidt as the prisoners question her loyalty. As a prisoner is taken for surgery following Schmidt being released, Mooney reminds the prisoners that not everyone would survive.

Gordon ,Bullock and Cobblepot are welcome in the mountain house by a lovely old couple , the old man says he was a train conductor and the woman a nurse in Arkam. the old couple tries to kill our trio heroes ,of but they end up shot by gordon and Bulluck.

At the mountain home, Gordon and Bullock find Loeb's daughter Miriam , in the attic where she admits to killing her mother with her father covering up.

Edward Nygma discovers that a man named Tom Daugherty is dating Kristen Kringle.

After getting leverage on Loeb, Gordon gives Bullock his file. Cobblepot pairs Miriam's caretakers against each other to determine who leaves for Arizona only to kill them both.

Upon being welcomed by Dollmaker into the upper management, Mooney discovers that Dollmaker's facility is on an island.


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