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Carter Gonzalez

The MetalliKats are Robotic Husband and Wife Gangsters and enemies of the SWAT Kats. Before the MetalliKats even existed, they were Flesh and bone. Mac and Molly Mange was there names and they were Gangsters, they were sentenced to serve their nine lives in AlKatraz Prison (Based on Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay, California) they bribed Mayor Manx for their Parole, but was turned down. One night they escaped the island in a boat and planned their revenge on Manx , but it was put on hold due to the foggy weather another boat crashed into Mac and Molly and were sent to Davy Jones Locker. They washed up on the beach where two Robots found them and a kindly old Kat named Professor Hackle took them under his wing and when they saw what they were afraid but Hackle told them about what he used to do for a living and when he left Mac and Molly stole a bunch of Weapons and a Hovercraft. After a reunion with their old mob, there members wanted to help but the MetalliKats turned them down, calling them traitors and made a grand exit. Blowing up a Tuna Factory where the old gang rendezvous. When they made it to City Hall to settle the score with Mayor Manx, Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs said she "Was the one who turned down their parole." causing them to throw her out the window to her death but luckily The SWAT Kats rescued her before her impact on the concrete. Then a battle between the MetalliKats and SWAT Kats took place and they were destroyed, Professor Hackle salvaged them and took them to get repaired. They argue like any other married couple, work together and take care of each other. They are like the Stupid Bad Guys and when I mean Stupid, I mean the Hilarious Stupid. They are bad Guys but i find them very funny whether they argue or suck at driving or shooting.


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