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From the best-selling erotic novel in England that beat Harry Potter, comes a franchise which is for .. mommy? 50 Shades of Grey.

Well, this may be the first time people are not ashamed to read porn stories in a public place.. I mean erotic novel

Synopsis: Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), a student of English literature interviewed young billionaire named Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). After the interviewed, there was a special relationship between them. Christian often buys gifts and treats Anna well. Behind all this, Christian likes sex with violence where he becomes the dominant. Christian who likes to hit. Inner conflict faced by Anna if she would leave the Christian or not.

The point is this is a romantic story plus sex violence. Actually the story of the novel itself is none-sense.. Why it was best-selling? Well, this proves that sex is still dominant in market. Perhaps this is an extraordinary phenomenon that the women who think porn is taboo even to read this book and discussing with his friends freely.

For the movie, frankly I'm a fan of Sam Taylor-Wood since she directed Nowhere Boy. Very grateful that the Taylor-Johnson does not include all the elements in the novel to film because there is a scene in the novel itself plus 'silly' dialogue and also disturbing scene that if it is in the big screen would be very awkward and possibly trauma.

Maybe this is the first time I assume that the film is better than the novel. Dialogue in the film far more weight than the novel but certainly some scenes still feel 'cheesy'. In addition, a good thing about this movie is Anna and Christian is hot and meets the expectations of the readers of the novel. Anna is not as dumb character in the novel (thankfully) and Christian still sucks and coercive. Dakota Johnson’s and Jamie Dornan’s acting can bring Anna and Christian character to the movie well. After actor who will star as Christian became the talk in the media before the film was made, I was more interested in the Dakota Johnson. In the early scenes Johnson acting more like a porn actress, but she can portray a 'different' Anna from his novel. Dakota was able to bring Anna is so 'desperate' to be with Christian.

Perhaps the thing that could make this movie ‘forgiven’ is its OST. Start with Crazy In Love by Beyonce which is remixed and become sexy, Ellie Goulding with hits love me like you do, and a lot of good songs from this movie.

Bonus :

Disturbing Scene 20%

OST 80%

Actor/Actresses 50%

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