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Let me know if you've heard of this scenario before:

You're a child. And your parents puts on one of your favorite movies. You've watched this movie so many times that you've lost count, and even now, it hasn't gotten old. However, there's a bit of a problem with this. As a child, you will most likely miss some of the most important things about what makes said movie great. Especially a big problem that's right dead in your face doesn't click in your head.

Fast forward to your adulthood, and you decide to watch the same movie for the sake of nostalgia. And since you have vastly matured since the last time you watched it, you end up unconsciously putting pieces together until it clicks in your mind that said movie had such a big problem to begin with.

This was my scenario. And I'm sure it's someone else's too. And if you haven't guessed yet what movie I'm referring to, then you might wanna take a look at the article title again.

I am of course talking about the first Madagascar movie.

See, a few months ago, I had randomly thought about the movie again, attempting to recite every single scene from the movie, as was a habit of mine in my head. It was then, I learned of a huge plot hole that pretty much breaks the foundation of not only the movie in question, but the entire trilogy and the spinoffs connected to this.

The Madagascar trilogy is like a three-legged stool. If so much as one leg breaks, the stool falls over. And I have just found the one plot hole that pretty much undermines the trilogy that I had enjoyed since it first aired in theaters.

What is that plot hole, you may ask? Well...ain't it obvious? It's the movie title.

Now, you all might be confused by this, so I'll say this:

The major plot hole to Madagascar, is itself. Why? Well, buckle up, because I'm about to make something clear to you that you might have never considered.

Now before you continue reading beyond this point, there will be spoilers for the entire trilogy. For those who haven't seen the movies and don't want to be spoiled, CLICK AWAY, and watch the movies before coming back!

If you're still reading this and don't mind spoilers, or have seen the movies already, then by all means read on!

Now, let's consider something. The movie does fine up until a certain point. And that point is where all the escaped zoo animals are caught and are to be transferred to a zoo somewhere in Africa.

But here's the thing: They were taken from New York City, and somehow ended up in Madagascar. Doesn't that seem fishy to anyone?

Want more proof? Here's a picture of the world:

Madagascar is highlighted to show its location.
Madagascar is highlighted to show its location.

As you can see, Madagascar is highlighted on this map, its location being miles off the coast of Southeastern Africa. But where were the Zoo animals from? New York City. So tell me, how does something like that make any sense?

Still not convinced? Well, let me put it another way. Where in the ocean would the zoo animals have fallen off the cargo ship and be able to land on different parts of Madagascar by the time it gets dark?

Well, hate to break it to you, but that is a geological impossibility. Why? It's simple. Even if they were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, heading southeast towards South Africa, I would still say that it is impossible for Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria to have made it on Madagascar.

Okay, I admit, there are some unknown factors in this, such as the ship's exact location when the four main characters fall out and are stranded in the sea while still in their crates, among other things.

But let's say that the ship was heading to a zoo in West Africa, and was halfway there. Let's just assume that for a moment. Would you believe that all four of those characters would have been stranded at sea and end up on an island that's on the opposite side of the continent?

Wouldn't it be more believable if they ended up somewhere on the Western coast of Africa? Yes it would. Because it would be rare enough for one of the characters to end up on the island as is. But they all ended up on the island. That has to be so rare that...maybe they didn't end up on Madagascar at all...

Conspiracy theorists, if I've caught your attention, have fun.

Anyway, that's what I think to be the biggest plot hole in the Madagascar trilogy. No matter how you look at it, fate would have to have shined upon the four for them to have appeared on that island. Otherwise, the chances of all four of them landing on the island with just the weather conditions alone would be extremely difficult to calculate.

If they don't end up in Madagascar, then that means no sequels. In fact, them being stranded at sea would have ended the movie right then and there had they never reached land. Everything Marty did would have been for naught.

I would find it more believable if they ended up in Africa, all of them split up and would have to find one another. But of course, there has to be character development, resolutions, etc. And having them all go to Madagascar was the way to do it.

So in the end, it's a plot hole that will ruin the movies for you if you let it get to your head. But then you have to realize that it was done for the sake of keeping to the story and Marty's reasoning for wanting to go to the wild in the first place.

I can only imagine how much the story would change if they never went to Madagascar. But that's a story for another day.

So what did you guys think? Did this change your perspective on the Madagascar movies? Or does this mean nothing to you? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

Until then, I'll catch you all later. Peace. Out! ;)



So...I feel like an idiot. Allow me to explain.

See, I had brought this article to the attention of a few people I knew. And two of them made it clear that the supposed "plot hole" that I brought up in this article, in fact, wasn't a plot hole at all. So, pretty much, I deceived whoever read this previously, and I have to apologize for that.

Pretty much, what I thought was a plot hole was actually just lazy writing on the movie developers' end.

What I never realized, is that my entire point could be completely undermined by a simple Google search. And this is what was shown to me.

As you can see, any sort of transportation from New York City to anywhere on the eastern side of Africa or the Middle East is completely possible. So the trilogy is saved. Yay...

So I learned that it is clearly possible for the animals to have made it on Madagascar. In fact, that explains why the Penguins turn the ship around at all, because they were moving north, and needed to go south to Antarctica.

It doesn't completely explain how they all ended up on different parts of the island at different times, but then again, considering that there are so many unknowns with the weather conditions and where the ocean's current was going at the time, I guess I can't fault the movie developers too much.

For how little that was explained during the moment the animals were tranquilized to the point when they all woke up on the ship, I definitely screwed up. Especially since I myself didn't do any actual research. I merely just put the pieces of the puzzle in my head in the wrong order.

I pretty much took what I already knew from the movie, especially since I watched it so many times over the years, and put it on paper, not knowing what would come of it.

I'm also an idiot for not knowing the definition of a plot hole.

Here's pretty much the bulk of what was made clear to me:

"We have no real indication of what part of year the movie takes part in. So we can't really map the effects said seasons have on the ocean currents and tidal movements.

"And you are making the assumption that where they were going is on the western side of Africa. One thing to recall is that the animals, especially the main 4, were tranqed. We have no idea how long they were out for. If anything, much of the trip could have been made already. They could have been only 50 km away from Madagascar.

"There is no data to verify whether or not it truly is a plot hole.
And until there is no true explanation or reasoning, it cannot be a plot hole. Just lazy writing."

So...yeah. I completely misunderstood what was happening. For those who believed anything I said, I sincerely apologize for the deception.

But now that you're aware that this was just lazy writing, what do you guys think now?

Does this new amount of info change your perspective of the movies? Also, if there was something about the Madagascar movies you would want to change to make things more cohesive, what would it be? Let me know in the comments section below.

But until then, I'll catch you all later. Peace. Out! ;)


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