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***Spoiler alert for the 3 of you who haven’t seen The Dark Knight yet for some reason***
The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies of all time, nearly everything about the movie was executed well. However, I do have a bit of beef with the ending.

"Blasphemy! The Nolanverse is perfect!"
"Blasphemy! The Nolanverse is perfect!"

The Ending We Know:

The Joker rigs two boats full of people with explosives and tells them that he will blow both of them up, the only way to stop this is if one of the boats uses a detonator that he gave them to blow the other boat up, killing everyone on that other boat, but in turn everyone on your boat gets to live. They have until midnight to decide but neither boat uses the detonator and then Batman saves the day and captures the Joker and saves both boats. Also Harvey Dent gets all burned up on one half of his face and goes crazy, kills a few people, kidnaps Commissioner Gordon’s family and eventually gets pushed off a building, albeit on accident, and dies. Batman takes the blame for his death and the movie ends with him on the run from the coppers.

By no means is this a –bad- ending, I just always had a couple thoughts of things they could change. So here we go with my proposition for an alternate ending!

#1. Two-Face


First and foremost, the look of Two-Face seems cool at first, but when you really think about it, it’s kind of dumb. I’ll let an actual anatomist explain rather than just ranting about it.

Frankly, if you have no lip on half your mouth, your pronunciation is going to be slurry. You won’t be able to hold air behind your tongue and lips and it’s going to present a problem. If you think about what it’s like to talk after dental procedures and anesthetic, you only have a partial inkling of how difficult TFs speech would be, unless the dentist accidentally removed one of your cheeks. Speaking, eating, drinking all get super difficult. Speaking of cheek removal, salivation would be an issue and TF’s mouth would be pretty dry on the left side due to the lack of the left parotid. Of course, he’d still have use of the submandibular and sublingual glands, but there’d still be that wind whistling through the left side. Speaking of salivation, I couldn’t tell if TF’s lacrimal glands were intact or not. The way the medial canthus of the eye was scarred up, I bet he couldn’t use the lacrimal canals of that eye in any case. This means that that left nostril, sucking up all that unfiltered-by-nose-hair-air wouldn’t be getting any moisture to it from tear drainage, which would make TF more likely to get nose bleeds and possibly infections. So his eye could be as wet as it appeared, but it would be kinda drippy, or his eye would be pretty dry. Either way, w/o tearing or just w/o a lid, he’s going to be much more vulnerable to infection of the eye as well. Moving it might be pretty painful, too.

So, really he should have got Skin Grafts. One half of his face would still look ALL messed up but it would be more practical and make more sense. Effectively still giving him the Two-Face look and he would still be driven mad for the same reasons, it would make his look more realistic and in my opinion a bit scarier. I’m aware there wasn’t really enough time in the movie to do this, but what if Two-Face did not become a second villain in The Dark Knight? What if he was only set up as a villain for the third movie? Throwing Two-Face in as a villain at the very end I thought was a bit odd and I never really liked that they did that. But ok let’s say there is enough time for him to get Skin Grafts and still become a villain for the third act—Here’s how I think that final scene with him should have gone: Two-Face flips the coin for each person in this scene whether he will shoot them or not. He ends up shooting Batman, and killing Gordon’s wife. And then he leaves, setting him up as a villain for the third movie.

Simple right?! It would solidify him as someone not to be messed with, add an emotional PUNCH in the face for Gordon and a drive for him to see Two-Face brought to justice in the next movie, and his villainy wouldn't be so short-lived. That was definitely one of my beefs with the original ending: Here's a new villain...

Which brings me to...

#2. The Joker

This one kind of relies on Two-Face not being a villain for the third-act but anyways…

The Joker actually blows up the 2 boats with people on them.

The Joker always seemed like he should have been smarter than he was at the end of the movie. What if instead of having to blow it up himself after midnight, the bombs were on a timer, and they were only going to stop if one of the boats blew up the other. Since they didn’t, both boats go up in flames, killing everyone on board.

Good... God...
Good... God...

Batman witnesses this as the Joker is on top of him at the end of the movie waiting for the midnight ka-boom. When Batman sees how many people the Joker just killed, he continues his fight against the Joker. That’s when things go the way of “The Dark Knight Returns” Movie. Batman tells him that he feels responsible for all of the death The Joker has caused, he tells him that he intends to stop him permanently as locking him up will just give him the opportunity to kill more and more people. The Joker ends up pulling a knife and stabbing Batman repeatedly, Batman breaks the Joker’s neck as the GCPD watches from the helicopter. Barely alive, the Joker is happy that he finally got him to break his one rule and finishes twisting his neck, killing himself. Batman flees the scene and is branded a murderer just like he was in the original ending only this time it makes sense.


So there is my alternate ending for The Dark Knight. A much darker version of the already dark Nolan trilogy for sure, and probably would have shot the movie rating up to an R, but I think it would have been interesting to see! I would have been happy with this ending and the shock value would have been there. Now begin the comment war on how wrong I am for having an opinion, but never forget, I love you.

That’s right I’m talking to you. *wink*


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