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Now it's no secret that [The Walking Dead](series:201193) as a show is a big fan of hiding Easter Eggs, but it's not often that the fans miss one like the super subtle one from this week's episode. Thankfully The Talking Dead and host Chris Hardwick can always be replied upon to help us out, which is exactly what happened after Sunday's episode.

After revealing that there was a sneaky Easter Egg in Sunday's episode, the show ran a segment of the show with costume designer Eulyn Womble. Ms. Womble talked about the trials of making Rick's constable outfit, including his jacket which had a few patches sewn on it.

Aw look, season 1 Rick is back!
Aw look, season 1 Rick is back!

Now the patches that were included on the jacket were actually made by the show's costume department, and the ones sewn on the arms of the jacket contain a Latin phrase, which translated means "We will rise again."

Although at first this sounds like somewhat of an odd saying to have on the jacket of a constable, it was actually an awesome reference to way back in Season 3, episode 3, when The Governor used that very same phrase when talking to newcomers Andrea and Michonne.

Now, whether this quote being on Rick's uniform signals an upcoming transformation of this new, clean shaven Rick into a Governor type character, or whether it's just a nice nod to a past episode, I'm not sure. Either way it definitely serves to show just how amazing this show is that everything, even the patches sewn on clothes are carefully chosen.

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