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The Circle, directed by Stefan Haupt and set in Zürich mid 50's, is about a young, shy teacher Ernst Ostertag who becomes a member of the gay organization DER KREIS. There he gets to know the drag star Röbi Rapp–and immediately falls head over heels in love with him.

Here are some heartbreaking facts you can learn from The Circle...

Heartbreaking Fact #1: When you have no choice, it is necessary to live a double life.

Ernst Ostertag.
Ernst Ostertag.

The sad truth is, sometimes we can't be who or what we wanted to be. In order to survive, we can only live a double life until we make it.

In The Circle, Ernst is revealed to have lived a double life until the moment he married his significant other Robi on his 70th birthday. His sister thought he could have told them earlier but things are not as easy as it is.

Heartbreaking Fact #2: Man or woman, not everyone has the so called 'basic rights'.

The bourgeoisie.
The bourgeoisie.

In the documentary drama, the young Robi expressed why people can't simply live the way they want to because evidently, not everyone can, love and get married the way they want to, regardless of class and gender.

Everyone in The Circle has to be extremely careful in all matters, even though they do have a little freedom when it comes to entertainment.

But back to the point, freedom of expression and freedom to love is not possible even at home; resulting sometimes to you have no choice but to conform to your family and society.

Heartbreaking Fact #3: Sometimes, tremendous sacrifice is required to do what you love.

Der Kreis, The Circle.
Der Kreis, The Circle.

You will be able to watch some of the sacrifices made by these survivors in order to do and protect what they love. Seems cruel but it is truly inspiring!

Life is unfair but with perseverance, nothing is impossible, even if you do not have similar rights and luxury in life! Stay strong and never ever give up because you will never know who you inspire in the future!

Heartbreaking Fact #4: There are many people who are extremely lonely inside even though they are quite optimistic on the outside.

Röbi Rapp.
Röbi Rapp.

How would you feel if you are just being yourself but people including your own family do not accept you the way you are? Not only do they not offer you help, they treated you differently or try to change you.

Worst, at times you are even seen as a threat although you are well-meaning. You can't do what you love publicly and you certainly can't express your feelings to anyone unless you are lucky enough to have a true companion.

All these, my friend, are what The Circle will show you and make you feel. Available on digital today and out on DVD March 31st from Wolfe Video. Stay tuned for the movie review!

The Circle Trailer:

You can watch The Circle today!


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