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Are you a [The Walking Dead](series:201193) fan? Yeah? Do you have a lot of disposable income that you've been meaning to invest in real estate? Well, this could be your lucky day. A portion of Grantville, Georgia - nine buildings - is being sold on eBay (I'm not sure what type of person would make a real estate purchase on eBay but oh well) for the relatively fair price of $680,000 or $30/sq. ft. with around 20,000 to 25,000 square feet of space.

The entire Atlanta area - and surrounding area - has seen a spike in tourism completely due to the success of TWD. This specific area in Grantville is supposed to be Rick's hometown. You may remember from Season 3's episode "Clear" that this is where we see Morgan come back, and he's completely lost his mind.

The town, 40 miles outside of Atlanta, is being sold by mayor Jim Sells (I know... the irony) and he really came up simply due to the fact that he bought it around the time of the recession. TWD single handedly brought the economy of the small town back, and Sells is liable to make a huge profit off this deal.

“Tourism became our industry,” Sells said. “We’ve got tourists here every day.”

Here are some images of the area, as you may remember it from the show.

It's ridiculously awesome to me that a piece of land that held pretty much no value whatsoever was able to go for $680,000 and become iconic thanks to a TV show. The fan-base is strong and I'm sure that it will get sold pretty quickly.

I think it would be awesome if somebody bought all 9 buildings and proceeded to turn it into some kind of The Walking Dead museum/shrine or something. Like, a haunted house, a room with tons of memorabilia from the show, viewing rooms that could host viewing parties... really just a theme park of sorts. That's what I would do at least... if I had the damn $680k. Which I don't. Sadly.

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