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Gal Gadot has received a lot of flak for her figure since being cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Critics claim that the model and actress is just to slim to portray the Amazonian princess, and despite posting her own training photos, many DC fans still don't think she'll be buff enough for the iconic role.

Now, we have Krysten Ritter, another very slim woman, taking on Jessica Jones in the upcoming Netflix series. Can she build the biceps for the part?

Well, from this recent Instagram pic, it seems that she's looking fantastic! (And getting some blisters, if her request for band-aids is anything to go by...)

Admittedly, Jessica Jones is significantly smaller than Wonder Woman, so the same critique may not be levelled at Ritter. Add to this that the character has a very short-lived career as a superhero, choosing to retire her spandex and become a PI, and we may not even see her flexing her muscles too much. As far as superheros go, this isn't someone who needs a significantly beefy actress to bring her to life.

Wonder Woman is also much more iconic - she's a household name, while Jessica Jones is (so far), someone known only to Marvel fans. I'm hoping that this new show will do something to change that, and add her to the ranks of well-loved female comic book characters.

While we have to wait and see what else Rytter can bring to the role, it certainly seems like she's got the arms for the part!


What do you think of Rytter's new, buff look?


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