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Now, when it comes to cosplay, there are some seriously gifted folks out there, creating an astonishing array of spectacular costumes based on pretty much any piece of popular culture you can imagine.

Some of the most incredible, though, come when those talented cosplayers let their imaginations run wild, and blend together more than one character, genre, show, movie, comic-book or even real-life person into one single costume. The resulting mashups are often the highlights of any comic-con, and have, accordingly, become more and more common over the years.

And, intriguingly, some of the most interesting- and bloody - forms of cosplay mashup have centered around a very particular genre: Horror.

Here are 34 of the best around...

1. The Walking Dead Meets The Dark Knight

Photo Credit: Nathan Rupert

2. Captain America Takes a Turn For the Worse

via Smosh

3. Darth Predator

via aliensandpredators

4. Snow White of the Living Dead

via z0mbi3-s0krat3s

5. Along With These Zombie Disney Princesses...

via AllThatsEpic

6. Including Cinderella...

via AllThatsEpic

7. Esmerelda...

via AllThatsEpic

8. Belle...

via AllThatsEpic

9. And, uh, Cap'n Jack Sparrow?

via AllThatsEpic

10. Sailor Moon Meets Silent Hill

Photo Credit: David Ngo

11. Toy Story Meets Body Horror

Via Kevin Bolk

12. Alice Gets Bloody

via BeautifulTattooedWomen

13. The Smurfs Go Blue (From Decomposition)

via Smosh

14. Harry Potter Meets the Apocalyptic Webcomic Homestuck

By Cowboy Crunchies!

15. Just...

via SweetRevenge09

16. So...

via RiotDaily

17. So...

via RiotDaily

18. Many...

via Imgur

19. Awesome...

via Cartorialist

20. Star Wars...

via RiotDaily

21. Zombies...

via RiotDaily

22. Freddy Meets Jason, All Friendly-Like

Photo Credit: York in a Box

23. Cinderella Gets Absolutely Terrifying

via WeHeartIt

24. The Hulk Gets Green With...All the Rotting

via Smosh

25. Sonic the Hedgehog Heads to the Borderlands

Photo Credit: John Botelho

26. The Scooby Doo Gang Join The Walking Dead

By Jeff Zoet

27. DC Heroes and Villains Go All Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Home of Happiness

28. Plus, The Actual Cast of The Big Bang Theory Join In

via CosplayAustralia

29. Sailor Moon Slowly Begins to Rot

via Smosh

30. Homer Simpson Gets Dark (and Attacks Titan)

Photo Credit: Rudy Martinez

31. Popeye Makes Sailor Moon Seriously Disturbing

By Rannie Rodil

32. The Joker Gets All Commercial

via epbot

33. ...More Than Once...

Photo Credit: David Ngo

And, of course...

34. Zombie Spider-Man (and MJ)

What do you think, though? Are there even greater horror cosplay mashups out there? Or any other kinds of awesome cosplay mashups, for that matter?


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