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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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All Harry Potter fans know that Snape gets kind of a raw deal. The Harry Potter saga from Snape's point of view is one unending heartache, but those talented folks at DeviantArt have used their immeasurable creativity to honor his memory.

Check out some of the coolest tributes to the bravest man Harry Potter ever knew...

1. Don't mess with the Professor

Artwork by: Sauvage Art

2. Where's Winky?

Artwork by: Vulkanette

3. Watercolor wonders

Artwork by: Okzzzana

4. Soft pencils

Artwork by: Silent KW

5. Loyalty

Artwork by: jennieannie

6. Snily

Artwork by: Irisclaymore

7. Reconciliation

Artwork by LeksaArt

8. No-one throws shade like Snape

Artwork by Sarah Silva

9. Boss caricature

Artwork by Gilll

10. Gets me every time

Artwork by Angelina Benedetti

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Source: DeviantArt


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