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These Disney cosplays are thoroughly horrifying. I love the juxtaposition of Disney - which is everything that's happy and good in the world - with horror... aka everything bad in it.

Some of these 11 examples will completely blow your mind due to the amount of effort that went into them, but they'll also possibly scare the hell out of you as well.

So without further ado, check these out!

1. Terrifying Ariel

She's not only bleeding from her forehead from what appears to be a bullet wound, her eyes are also scaring the crap out of me. Amazing cosplay here...

2. Freaky Aurora

This twisted version of Aurora is great.

3. Snow White AND Ariel zombified

Yikes! I absolutely love how freaky Ariel's make-up job is. I would not cross these ladies, although there is still something attractive to them both... frightening too though for SURE!

4. Some more zombie Disney princesses

Yikes at tears of blood!

5. Tinkerbell zombie version

The look on her face is almost one of like, discontent confusion. I would probably run in the opposite direction if I saw this version of Tinkerbell.

6. Zombie Belle looks like she could use some sleep

I know zombies don't really ever sleep and just try to eat people, but I hope she goes to a bed soon and just chills out for a second. She looks EXTRA tired. No, but seriously, I love this cosplay!

7. Another creepy Snow White!

Freakiness rating: 6.5
Bad-ass rating: 10
I think this is a really cool one, and doesn't just go straight gory. It goes with a little pizazz as well...

8. A truly messed up version of Jasmine

This is legitimately depressing. I love the jewelry here, though. Pretty good cosplay for sure...

9. Zombie Rapunzel

I see she's coming with a Michael Jackson Thriller-esque dance move here with her hands. Or at least that's what I think that is... I don't know.

10. Crazy and brutal Mickey Mouse

You should see the other guy...

11. Simply a scary Ariel

This isn't even a zombie-type-situation. Instead, it's just a very scary Ariel.


Which was your favorite?


Which of these freaky photos did you like best?

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