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If you're really terrified about spoilers, you may want to avoid this post, as it contains some hints/speculates at some possible spoilers in future episodes. So, here's your spoiler warning, a panel from the upcoming Green Arrow #40, with a thanks to for the preview:

Okay, if you're still here, you're alright with the mini spoilers. Don't worry, they're not that bad. I just wanted to get the squealers away before they savaged me!

Thea's getting her mask!

See The Reverse Flash in the back?
See The Reverse Flash in the back?

That's Willa Holland, who plays Thea Queen, beneath that face mould, which means one thing- she's getting a mask! Don't believe me? You could find a picture like this for pretty much every other mask wearer on the show, ranging from Katie Cassidy's fitting for her Black Canary mask to Brandon Routh's for his ATOM helmet. In fact, the latter tells us something crucial- this is not solely a fitting for a single domino mask.

So, who's Thea suiting up as?

Speedy - Mia Dearden

From day one the similarity of the name "Thea" to "Mia" left fans wondering if Thea might one day become another incarnation of Mia Dearden, also known as Speedy, Oliver Queen's second sidekick. Notably, she's one of the only characters in comics who is HIV positive, aligning with Green Arrow's world often being one of the most brutally real, from addiction to disease.

Not for Roy, that's for sure!
Not for Roy, that's for sure!

When we learned that "Dearden" was actually Thea's middle name, that only fueled the fire, and with her super training at the beginning of season three, it seemed more and more probably she'd take this route. Then they outright had her going by "Mia" in Corto Maltese (both the episode name and the place), which really stirred up suspicions. Now that she's in on Oliver's secret and seems to be taking a turn towards the good guys, Speedy seems a likely option.

Not to mention she's been called that since episode one affectionately!


While there's not necessarily solidness to this theory, it's a fan favourite ever since Thea was trained to be ruthless by Malcolm and her character took a darker turn. In the New 52, Cheshire has also had ties to the League of Assassins- which, in technicality, so too does Thea nowadays. Having killed Sara Lance, Thea has a lot to reconcile with, and I don't know how well she'd fit into the smooth operations of the [Arrow](series:720988) Cave.

Particularly given her new-found proficiency with swords over bows, and that darker morality, as well as her connections to Roy Harper in terms of a betrayed romance, fans have thought that Thea could well take on an anti hero role as the character Cheshire, often a villain from the comics to the Teen Titans (including Roy). Something about the costume and appearance of Cheshire seems to resonate with fans as being Thea-esque, and I'm one of them.

Honestly, I see her character going either of these two paths, but there are other possibilities. By any rate, it's near a certainty we'll see that mask by the end of the season! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Wait, wait- what's this about GOODBYES?

Remember a while ago Stephen Amell posted a photo which got everyone all worked up, including us? This one, of the comic trio from the show, with the caption ""Capturing some things for the very last time tonight?"

"Capturing some things for the very last time tonight."
"Capturing some things for the very last time tonight."

He's now added only more fuel to the fire. Today the last touches of Broken Arrow, Episode 19 of Season 3, are being applied. We reasoned that the title could refer to either Oliver, as the obvious answer, or to Roy, as another Arrow, who was also referred to as that in Young Justice.

Posting this just put everyone's nerves on edge again. What does it scream? Death, of course. But while that's a fair assumption, there may be more to it. I'll get to that in a second. "Emotional, touching and heartfelt" just don't necessarily yell death to me moreso than a bittersweet farewell.

Then I saw these. I freaked out again.

Wait, goodbyes? That's a fairly solid indicator someone is having something bad happen to them, even if only temporarily, for a good while. Why do I avoid "leaving the show?" Well, mainly because on a nitpick level the goodbye is scripted, so not necessarily in real life or permanent. However, put it with this-

- and things suddenly don't look so good for Roy Harper. I've checked the rest of the cast's Twitters and social media accounts vehemently like a good fan, but it seems these two were the only two to comment on it; if we extrapolate a bit, that could suggest it's a scene between the pair of them. But not this kind of scene:

Rather, an "emotional, touching and heartfelt" one.

And, in extension, a goodbye. Remember this shot from Public Enemy, Episode 18's filming, a while ago, that got us all thinking? It seems to be getting more and more clear while getting more and more packed with mystery.

Filming from "Public Enemy." (CDP Photography.)
Filming from "Public Enemy." (CDP Photography.)

Roy Harper fans- I'm one of them, who desperately wants to see more of one of my favourite sidekicks bought to life- may be in for some pretty ravaging episodes soon. It seems all of our theories about something bad happening to Roy Harper are coming true- but it may not be in the way we expect. Let's not panic just yet.

Now, look at these photos of Stephen filming something in the ICU, for 2x20- a close up shot, probably for an emotional scene.

And now, advice from the director on what Stephen's supposed to do in a scene-

Not very good for the old optimism, eh?

But wait- a goodbye doesn't necessarily mean death!

Tad more optimistic now.
Tad more optimistic now.

Fortunately for us in the real world, or we'd be dropping like flies, the above is true. It's been my theory for a while now that Roy might have something horrible happen to him, but he won't actually leave the show- not permanently, anyway. My theories and wild speculation have gone along the lines of losing his arm like in the comics, to an addiction story line, to being imprisoned, or to walking out on Oliver as he does in the comics.

What's good is that the set photos from Public Enemy seem to indicate something bad happening to Roy without him actually dying. Some of my theories were listed above, but another thing is possible.

Don't you think it's a bit odd that, despite rumours of crossing over with the Arrow and Flash universe, and being in production for a pilot this year with Geoff Johns producing, we've heard next to nothing solid about Titans, other than a basic lineup? Furthering that, we've got no casting, not even for Robin/Nightwing, the main role; not even rumours of who they're looking at. Could it be because they intend to move Colton Haynes' Roy Harper to Titans, but don't want to reveal anything yet? Bear in mind this is all just speculation, but it's plausible, especially considering the influences from Young Justice that Titans is rumoured to be taking on.

By any rate, while we can be sure we're in for some heartwrenching scenes, whoever they may include, the promise of them being "emotional, touching and heartfelt" brings me some hope they won't be devastating so much as a sweet sadness with an emotional, but not deathly, parting. We'll find out soon.

Update: Marc Guggenheim has confirmed 3x20 will be called "The Fallen." Sounds ominous. Keep calm!

In the meantime, you can also look forward to The Offer, which I have a full breakdown of, and seeing Arrow's very first metahuman villain appearing in the same Episode 19 Stephen and Colton are tweeting about! Keep struggling through this hiatus!

And, if you're sad, just like this really nice picture David Ramsey posted with the caption "Long live Team Arrow!" (Which, ironically, only lends more to my belief one of them will die. Sorry, stopping the morbidness. Oops.)


Who do you think Thea will become?


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