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Ever wondered who makes the big money acting on the small screen? Well, every year an annual salary report is compiled by Forbes, highlighting the astronomical paychecks of the actors and TV personalities working in the industry today.

Here is the most recent round-up of TV actors and actresses who are not only incredibly talented, but are also some of the top earners in Hollywood.

Starting from the bottom of the list, make your way up to see who draws in the highest income. You might be surprised with what you discover!

13. Jason Segel

Salary: $11 million per year

Making a name for himself in How I Met Your Mother was the best thing Jason Siegel ever did for his bank account. He has also rolled in the dollar with comedies such as Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz. Check out the trailer here:

12. Mariska Hargitay

Salary: $13 million per year

Mariska Hargitay is the second-highest earning TV actress, largely due to her salary increase for her role as Detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. As well as receiving over $450,000 per episode, she also earns high profits from syndication.

11. Jim Parsons

Salary: $13 million per year

Considering the recent buzz about The Big Bang Theory cast getting sky-rocketing raises, it's quite surprising to find Jim Parsons at the bottom of the highest paid list. However, the cash they receive won't be taken into account until next year. Either way, an annual $13 million isn't too bad either, is it? Especially when you're portraying someone so socially inept.

10. Simon Baker

Salary: $13 million per year

Making most of his money from The Mentalist, the Australian star must be happy to hear that the show has been renewed for a seventh season. His face also dons thousands of billboards around the world due to his endorsement deals with luxury brands Givenchy and Longines.

9. Tim Allen

Salary: $15 million per year

The TV veteran may not be the most talked about celebrity on the small screen right now, but that is not stopping him from making money. His current show Last Man Standing is his most bankable project to date.

8. Kevin Spacey

Salary: $16 million per year

Kevin Spacey makes the list as the star of Emmy-winning Netflix original series House of Cards, spear-heading a new breed of 'Internet stars.' In addition to this, his endorsement deal with E-Trade certainly pays the bills, as well as his paycheck for his role on Horrible Bosses 2.

We would not expect anything less of Frank Underwood other than joining the ranks of the celebrity elite.

7. Patrick Dempsey

Salary: $16 million per year

Tied in fifth place with Spacey, McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy is not just a pretty face, but is also incredibly wealthy. Alongside endorsement deals with multi-million dollar companies such as Porsche and eye-wear maker Silhoutte, Patrick Dempsey also makes money from producing.

6. Neil Patrick Harris

Salary: $18 million per year

The Tony Award winning actor made $3 million more than last year due to his contract with American Airlines. The show How I Met Your Mother alone made him over $15 million, which continues to bring in dollar in syndication.

5. Mark Harmon

Salary: $19 million per year

The NCIS star makes most of his cash from the show alone, which is certainly very impressive! Having starred in a TV series that receives some of the best ratings for over eleven years, this is hardly surprising.

4. Jon Cryer

Salary: $19 million per year

The Two and a Half men star has remained with the show for a very long time, and understandably so considering his hefty annual paycheck - you wouldn't exactly run away from that would you? Even after the series ends this year, he will likely be spending a long and profitable time earning money from re-runs.

3. Ashton Kutcher

Salary: $26 million per year

Cryer's co-star is also racking in the dollar with an insane $750,000 per episode for Two and a Half Men. Together with an endorsement deal with Nikon Coolpix and a contract with Lenovo, he continues to be top of the chart when it comes to being one of the highest paid TV stars out there.

2. Sofia Vergara

Salary: $37 million

The Modern Family star continues to make a colossal figure per episode, although the bulk of her earnings come from her endorsements and licensing deals. Not only is she the face of Diet Pepsi, CoverGirl and Head & Shoulders, but also AT&T and the medication Synthroid.

1. Jon Stewart

Salary: $25-30 million per year

The Daily Show host now earns far more than his fellow late night frontmen Jay Leno and David Letterman.

As I'm sure you guys have also noticed, only two women in comparison to eleven men made the list of highest paid TV actors. Personally I think this is outrageous but what are you opinions on this wage gap?

Let me know in the comments below!


Which highest paid actor/actress surprised you the most?



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