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Last week we mourned the loss of one of the most talented artists of all time as Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy passed into eternity, aged 83.

The actor, director, poet, and photographer was kind, loving, and according to everyone who worked with him, the pinnacle of professionalism on every project he worked on.

In these heartwarming images from behind the scenes of Star Trek: Into Darkness we can see exactly what they were talking about.

The touching pictures show Leonard being transformed into his character 'Spock' for one last time. His role in the movie was largely sentimental and included for the die hard fans, but what a way to bow out!

Scroll down to see Nimoy being transformed into Spock for the very last time.

The Into Darkness make-up artists carefully apply the Vulcan ear molds.

What a collectors item they would be.

Here we see the trademark haircut and the raised eyebrows have been carefully sculpted.

What a picture, eh?

He genuinely looks to be loving every moment as he rehearses lines on set with director JJ Abrams.


Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)



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