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Travis TrayTray

Hello fellow movie lovers today I would like to talk to you all in regards to the new "Captain America Civil War". Number One out of many (I'm doing this as i go along) They would have to have a large variety of the heroes used in the actual comic itself because without that you would be altering the comic and that's something that the audience will be focused on due to The Amazing Spider-Man being on the brink of a major fluke. You would also have to see the heroes from the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and of course we all want to see the Spider-Man somewhere in between the lines. Even if they don't place Spider-Man in the middle I would like to know who will take his place because taking Spider-Man out of the picture is like riding a bike missing the seat. With that being said we meaning the audience need something or someone to keep us glued to the screen for however long. It has also just been brought to my attention that over time all of these movies are getting out of hand time-wise. I mean we do love Marvel we just don't want it to overstay it's welcome. I'm happy that the movie is four days after my birthday as well. Oh and we don't want to see some happy go lucky Marvel movie we have to see a dark day for the Mightiest Heroes of Marvel meaning blood has to be shed and consequences have to be dealt with. But for now I might continue this in another article so in the meantime lets stock up those views!!!


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