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So two things are for sure. Spider-Man is coming to a theater near you soon, and he'll be brought to you by Marvel. That's definitely good. However, many people are wondering how it will happen. Here are just a couple of my ideas.

Non-speaking, butt-kicking role in Avengers 2

Nobody has been cast for the role by Marvel, so reshoots for Age of Ultron are definitely out of the question, unless you want the date pushed back, which I'm pretty sure not a single moviegoer wants. While it would be good, it wouldn't be worth the wait.

Even Vader agrees
Even Vader agrees

However, since people have found quotes involving an 'angry spider' using the pronoun 'he' on IMDb, we can assume they plan on including him in the movie. One question remains however. If they have yet to cast someone, how will he appear? One possibility is using CGI to edit him in, and have someone like Drake Bell, who voices him in the cartoon 'Ultimate Spider-Man'. Personally, I favor Christopher Barnes, who voiced Peter in 'Spider-Man: The Animated Series', back in the '90s, however, I don't feel his voice would work well here.

Possibly grunts and groans could be taken from games and edited in. The only thing that must be in there, I feel, is the amazing arachnid's trademark brand of humor.


That type of joke is what makes Pete so lovable. Sacrificing that for an appearance in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Shown in Captain America 3

I propose spider-themed easter eggs to keep fans at bay, with an appearance in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) being when he is actually seen.


What would you like his first appearance to be in?


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