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For Kingdom Hearts 3 fans, and indeed whole hosts of people around the world, it's been a difficult and emotional two months. Two voices, one from the East and one from the West, were united by one character. On Friday 27th February, that connection ended with the passing of Leonard Nimoy.

A little over a month earlier, Japan lost Chikao Otsuka, a man known for his voice acting talents as Sonic's arch-nemesis, numerous characters in countless Animes, and of course, Master Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts. Two great talents, lost within two months of one another, and the Kingdom Hearts community has been wonderfully respectful towards their passings.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Leonard Nimoy, Chikao Otsuka & Master Xehanort

There really is no series in the world quite like Kingdom Hearts. It demonstrates an emotional power that few other video game series can eclipse. Its music is played at weddings, its characters are tattooed on fans, and the countless hours of enjoyment to be had with its games is shared by the young and old. Seriously, people have cried over these games!

They are perfect representations of childhoods and indicative of joy and creative talents. Therefore, as time moves on towards the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 on PS4 and XBOX One , we can't help but wonder what stage of development Square Enix are with this concluding chapter to the saga. The voice actor of Goofy, gave us an insight a few months ago into the title's development, claiming that we'd see it this year. Therefore, his voice acting work may have been done already.

Kingdom Hearts 3 & Xehanort
Kingdom Hearts 3 & Xehanort

Will We Hear Leonard Nimoy & Chikao Otsuka Once More?

But does this extend over to the rest of the cast? Why would he have made that claim if he wasn't finished? They can't design character animations properly without the voice of the characters. So is it possible that we could still have the voices of Leonard Nimoy and Chikao Otsuka in Kingdom Hearts 3 on its release date for the Xbox One and PS4?

With the passing of Robin Williams last year, and his likely presence in Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be a seriously emotional experience. Let's hope that Square Enix pay homage to these three great men in their upcoming game in some capacity. But who knows? Perhaps we'll get to enjoy all of Kingdom Hearts 3 with the voice of Leonard Nimoy!

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

So what do you think fans? Is Kingdom Hearts 3 at a stage of development where voice acting is complete? Will we still get to hear Leonard Nimoy and Chikao Otsuka as Master Xehanort in KH3? Let's hope that the release date is closer than we think for the Xbox One and PS4 so we can all find out soon! Let us know what you think in the comments.


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