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A lot of people hate Tyler Perry and all his movies, sometimes being called worse than Michael Bay. I don't really understand that though because I've enjoyed most of his films that didn't have Madea in them, even some of the Madea ones... even if they did go down in quality the more they got made. People have said it's a parody or a caricature of what black people are but I don't believe that either. I'm also glad that he has done a lot for black people giving a lot of people who might not have gotten much attention the spotlight. One of my favorites of his movies is Good Deeds.

Perry plays Wesley Deeds a rich business owner who is unhappy with his life. He has become boring, stagnant and he doesn't realize it, but his unhappy fiancee does and she perfectly predicts his morning routine. He has multiple problems in his life, with a mother who wants to run his life for him and an alcoholic brother who hates him for stealing the job that he feels is rightfully his running the business their father left them. A chance meeting with a fiery mother completely changes his life and he tries his hardest to help get her life back on track. Lyndsey Wakefield tries her hardest to balance work and raising her daughter alone but on a janitor's pay, it has gotten harder and harder to do so. She soon loses her home and is on the verge of losing her daughter if she doesn't figure something out.

While it is one of my favorite movies by Tyler Perry the ending never really worked for me...

How it Ended:

Deeds talks to his fiancee and tells her that this isn't the life that they want to live and while they do love each other they really don't want to be married to each other. He finally wants to realize his dream of motorcycling across Africa with his friends and his mother takes it as angrily as one would expect. He goes and asks Lyndsey to come with him but she says that she can't go and that she won't change her mind. He goes to the airport and waits for her but his mother comes instead. They reconcile and even the brother is shown to be trying to get his act together. While a little disappointed that she didn't show up, he gets on the plane anyway. Then Lyndsey and her daughter pop up already on the plane, the two share a kiss and everybody is happy. One big happy ending.

What I Would Have Done:

Deeds arrives at the airport. His mother is already standing there waiting. They talk and reconcile things. He finally has mended the relationships in his life that truly mattered. She tells him that she brought someone along with her. Lyndsey's daughter runs up to him and hugs him and he hugs her back. Lyndsey tells him that she didn't change her mind, she still cares deeply for him but she finally has a way to take care of her daughter and she wants to try to better herself. She also hopes he takes some time to sort out his own feelings and when he returns she'll be waiting for him with open arms. He leaves alone on the plane content with emotional stability in his life and to have settled all his relationships. The End.

Why I'd Prefer This Ending:

The movie's ending just didn't fit the movie to me. It went from two people helping each other find personal fulfillment to another generic love story. Lyndsey had spent the whole movie being this strong woman who was trying her hardest not to take handouts from anyone and to try to keep her daughter safe. I know love is important, but I can't see Lyndsey's character deciding to uproot her daughter's life and go to Africa to jump from place to place on a motorcycle. It's fine for a single guy but a woman and her daughter? Not so much.

Honestly? I would have been just as fine if she didn't show up at the end and it just ended with him talking to his mom and leaving. Lyndsey said something near the end of the movie that was important to me, she said that he wasn't attracted to her but that they're just going through rough times and trying to make sense of it. That's true, they were going through problems and that makes people grow closer to each other through shared hardships. If it turned out that it was just a savior thing, that he was drawn to her in her moment of weakness and that she was drawn to him because he had helped her so much. They had their emotional goodbye in the building the day before he was going to leave so that could have been the end of their story and the beginning of his. He could have spoken to his mom and really fixed the most important relationship of his life, the one that really mattered.

Finally, the fact that he was engaged to another woman should be noted. He had just told her that he loved her, but the only reason they were getting engaged was that love wasn't enough. LOVE WASN'T ENOUGH. I'm sorry but I can't see any woman being okay with dropping everything to be with a guy who isn't sure what he wants which is another thing Lyndsey said, "Do you even know what you want?" He was engaged, he even had sex with her throughout the movie. Yeah they weren't happy but why would it be okay to jump from one relationship to another? Take some time to move on from that relationship, figure out what you're doing with life then when you come back... try to be in a relationship then. It just seems kind of rushed just for the big relationship ending. Lyndsey put her whole life in the hands of Deeds, and if he decides he doesn't want that relationship, like many people do, then what is she going to do with her life? Is she going to go back to being a janitor at his firm?


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